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If No Gonzo, Then What?

If Tony Gonzalez doesn't return, that leaves a 90/900/10 void in the team's offense. Who will replace his production?

Kevin C. Cox

Guess what everybody? Tony Gonzalez may or may not come back next year!

Gasp. Shock. Awe. Tom Foolery. Hootenanny.

I bet we haven't talked about this before. Well, I hope we haven't talked about this specifically.

We have talked about players specifically such as Percy Harvin, Austin Collie, Marcedes Lewis, and Delaney Walker as potential replacements for Gonzalez's production.

But I want to know who your favorite person to replace Gonzalez's production is. If Matt's going to have another career year, someone's going to have to take up Gonzo's catches, yards, and TDs.

Roddy and Julio are already getting their fair share of targets, leaving players like HD, Drew Davis, and Kevin Cone with a chance to increase their production by a huge amount.

Should we bring someone in from the outside? Should we try to divvy up Gonzo's targets among players we already have?

Will Jason Elam's ghost carry us into the playoffs?

What is love?

What is the velocity of a coconut-laden swallow?

Can we trust any of the players on the roster aside from Roddy and Julio? (Not counting RBs here, but they can be included in this discussion)

I've already thrown my two cents in about who I want. I'd take a chance on Percy Harvin if the price is right.

I'm a huge fan of Marcedes Lewis, who is criminally underused in Jacksonville. He's asked to do all the dirty work and, from what I see, he's a capable receiver as well. I think he'd be a great pickup that isn't too expensive, but I don't know how his market is, or if he's even available (I believe I've heard that he is).

Some other TE that are free agents:

Dustin Keller (I like him)

Fred Davis (I like him also)

Jared Cook

Brandon Myers (OAK)

Martellus Bennett.

That's a nice free agent pool of tight ends if Gonzo doesn't come back.

But I digress. Who's your pick, be it through the draft, free agency, or in-house, to replace Gonzalez's production?