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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day: February 14th

Fact: Tony Gonzalez wants YOU to believe he will return - yes YOU! He's actually pointing at YOU!

Kevin C. Cox

In this series, we bring you Falcons-related tweets, stats, or quotes of interest. They're called TWESTOTEs. And they're awesome.

We've talked about Tony Gonzalez a lot lately. And we're going to keep talking about him - in fact, we will only stop talking about him if he files his retirement papers, inks a new contract, or cures Dave's athlete's feet.

With that said, it appears the oft-cited 95 percent figure may not be entirely accurate. According to Thomas Dimitroff, the odds are trending in our favor.

“Tony has done so much for us on and off the field and I don’t believe, not stating that he would be lying to anyone, but I don’t believe the 95 percent,” Dimitroff said. “I want to believe it’s a lot closer to 50/50, to be honest with you, and we’ve had discussions [..."]

If anyone is in a position to assess our chances, it's Dimitroff. I'm quite sure he's in the know, and I trust what he's saying. Even so, he's not saying Gonzalez will return, only that it's plausible that he would.

While we don't need Gonzalez, it'd be awfully nice if he'd return. For now, let's not read into this too much. But I like where this is going.