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What Will Happen To Will Svitek?

The backup tackle played well in limited opportunities recently, but may not be re-signed.

Robin Marchant

Will Svitek was a ten game starter in 2011. No matter what happens in his career from here on out, he'll always be able to say he started for a playoff game, and did a quality job filling in.

Now his future with the team is uncertain. He's a free agent coming off a major injury, which isn't often a recipe for being re-signed. On the other hand, he's the only guy currently on the roster with any experience playing left tackle outside of Sam Baker. The Falcons have a lot of possibilities along the offensive line, but not many have the necessary pass-blocking chops to protect Matt Ryan.

That means Svitek could well be re-signed, unless the Falcons are planning on giving Lamar Holmes or Mike Johnson a shot at backing up Baker or whichever free agent tackle the team winds up signing. I want to give the young guys a shot whenever possible, but the team needs a capable LT. Baker's back problems haven't necessarily gone away for good.

Personally, I hope the Falcons can carve out room for Svitek unless they're serious about giving Holmes a shot at left tackle. He's the best option they're likely to get for a reasonable amount of money, after all. I'd give him a 50/50 chance, because I'm not one for bold predictions.

What are your thoughts on Svitek?