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Thomas Dimitroff is a Savvy Drafter

Fact: if Dimitroff's career as a general manager doesn't work out, he will make a fortune selling hair products


Mixed reviews abound when we discuss the Falcons' recent draft history. So-called "draft bust" Peria Jerry is an oft-cited example of why Thomas Dimitroff can't draft. Critics also reference that ridonkulous trade whereby we nabbed some schlub named Julio Jones. But then there's reality. And reality smacks you in the face. Deal with it!

Since Dimitroff took over as general manager, he’s made 38 total selections. Of those players, 31 are still active in the NFL with 30 still on the Falcons roster — good enough to be considered one of the top teams in the league in percentage of drafted players still active in 2012.

As Jay Adams points out, we use our draft picks. Not only do we use them, they start. Not all of them, but a whole lot of them.

If history repeats itself, Dimitroff and his merry band of draft analysts are evaluating tight ends, defensive ends, offensive linemen, and running backs who have the potential to start in this league. They will look for value and, believe it or not, they will likely come through for us.

Your thoughts?