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Is Atlanta a potential landing spot for Percy Harvin?

Scott Cunningham

The Minnesota Vikings are reportedly looking to trade Percy Harvin after another a season of frustration between both sides. Sources tell Mike Max of WCCO in Minneapolis the reason he went on injured reserve this season ultimately stemmed from an altercation between the young receiver and head coach Leslie Frazier. Supposedly on his way out, where will Harvin be playing in 2013?

Naturally when a top-tier athlete like Harvin hits the trading block, speculation will develop all over the league as to where he'll be heading. When look at the current Atlanta Falcons roster, you probably think they're set at wide receiver with Roddy White, Julio Jones and Harry Douglas. However, one writer believes they could use his explosive talent.

Sam Monson discussed Harvin's potential suitors in an ESPN Insider article. I can't reveal the entirety of his discussion, but Monson lists the Falcons as a team that could be in line. Here's an excerpt of his thinking.

Despite the aggressive moves they have made in the past, the Falcons are still in a healthy salary-cap situation and have more than enough to get a contract done with Harvin. Roddy White, Julio Jones and Harvin would be a fearsome trio.

A few things to think about. First of all, Harry Douglas has yet to prove himself. We all speak highly of HD, and the idea of "he'd be a No. 2 receiver on any other team" gets thrown around often. He isn't exactly utilized often, so I'm not sure we can exactly fault him here. Pro Football Focus did rate him a -7.0 overall in 2012, though, third-worst on the Falcons offense.

Second, Harvin would provide so much versatility to an already dynamic offense. He would be great in the screen game, could work out of the backfield, and would certainly solve the issue of finding a solid return man.

The Falcons aren't in the business of dealing with troublesome players. Harvin has now experienced run-ins with two head coaches. Off-field issues seem to continue popping up throughout his career. Considering Atlanta sent Ray Edwards packing in the middle of last season, it's hard to imagine it would actively pursue a player with Harvin's track record.

Cap room isn't abundant at this point, but the Falcons could make a few key moves to clear up space. Harvin is also playing with his rookie contract. He won't be a free agent until next offseason.

How could any team slow down a trio of White, Jones and Harvin? Tony Gonzalez may not return. If that scenario does play out, Harvin provides a reliable option underneath. There really isn't an answer for that combination. I'm almost positive Roger Goodell would fine the Falcons passing game for being too good.

Of course I'm pandering to the Madden franchise mode mentality in all of us. Let's just trade for Adrian Peterson while we're at it! It's almost safe to say a Harvin trade to Atlanta is a complete pipe dream. But, let's go ahead and talk about it. Your thoughts?