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Is Garrett Reynolds the Falcons' Right Guard of the Future?

Fact: Garrett Reynolds is 13 inches taller than Jacquizz Rodgers


2012 was a mixed bag for Garrett Reynolds. After starting the first six games, a back injury landed him on injured reserve. He was playing pretty well too. While I'm glad he was holding his own, it's hard to forget how poorly he played in 2011. Maybe he's turned a corner, or maybe those first six games were a fluke. I wouldn't be surprised if Pat Hill had somethign to do with it.

Let me be clear, I think he's a talented kid. But we need a long-term solution at right guard now. Not sooner or later, not when Reynolds stops needing epidurals. Right meow!

Since Harvey Dahl's departure in 2010, right guard has been a turnstile of sorts. It's frustrating, but it's part of the game. I don't think right guard is a top three need this off-season. I'm not in favor of dropping serious money in free agency to address the situation. I would, however, support drafting a guard early in the draft, assuming we address other needs in free agency.

What are your thoughts? Should we go guard early in the draft? Should we be looking for a guard in free agency?