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What Kind Of Team Do We Want The Falcons To Be?

It's an important question as the team continues to develop its identity.


The Atlanta Falcons in 2008 were a certain kind of team. They were built around a power rushing attack, with big ol' linemen and a passing game that depended on the run to set it up. The defense was built around hitters, more or less, and athleticism.

Fast forward five seasons and you have a team that passes first and has a defense filled with athletes that operates much more on finesse. The Falcons could have as many as eleven draft picks in 2013, which means they have a chance to make a few real, lasting changes to the current roster. The question is, what do they want their identity to be?

It's less likely to change on the offensive side of the ball, where the Falcons have pushed all their chips to the middle of the table in becoming one of the league's better passing offenses. The defense is a difference story. The Falcons have talked about adding physicality and size for years now, but they've made only vague gestures in that direction over the last five seasons. If that's going to happen, it's time to start.

I personally want to see a more physical defense that offers a better pass rush, but I want to open this up for you guys. What kind of identity do you believe the Falcons should carve out on offense and defense?