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Report: Dirk Koetter Interviews for Boise State Coaching Gig

Dirk Koetter could be on his way out of Atlanta.


It's safe to say that this season has been a disappointment for Dirk Koetter, who has not been able to turn a group of injured receivers and a horrible offensive line into a succesful offense. That doesn't mean he's not in demand.

Koetter would seem to be a strong fit, given his offensive background, so it's entirely possible he'll be a frontrunner for the job. If he goes, the Falcons will need to move on to their third offensive coordinator in four seasons. Not a great way to build continuity, if that's your bag.

I think Koetter's a solid offensive coordinator. I don't always think he knows how to use the run effectively and I definitely think he could be more aggressive at times, but this year, a lot of the team's offensive woes can be pinned on the line and the injuries to Julio, Roddy, Steven Jackson and even Tony Gonzalez. I know, we don't want to talk about injuries, but they are a factor. With a better line to work around, I'd feel plenty confident about Koetter in 2014.

It's not the end of the world if Koetter moves on, of course, but it's not like Jon Gruden is waiting to come coordinate this offense. If he goes, the Falcons better find an effective replacement.

Your thoughts?