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Falcons-Packers Recap: Hooray, My Draft Pick

A condensed drive-by-drive recap of the action. Feel free to make this your post-game thread

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

I'm going to try and shorten these a little bit this week. We'll see how it goes.]

Looks like the Birds get the ball first and proceed to drive it a good ways before stalling past the 50.

Falcons First Drive: Punt - Falcons 0 - Packers 0

Packers first drive, the commentator has already said, "Flynn has all day to throw." I imagine that'll be the story of the game.

Eddie Lacy is getting a ton of carries already and he's getting yards. Falcons have allowed 100+ yards rushing in the last 8 games? I barely saw that stat.

Penalty on Worrilow sustains a drive. Not sure what he was doing there. Not smart.

Meanwhile, in Pittsburgh, snow is everywhere. They have a team of leafblowers to blow the lines of the field.

The Packers have driven down to around the 30 now. The Falcons D, as predicted, is not stopping anything. I don't know what Packers fans were thinking. We made Geno Smith, who might be the worst QB in the NFL right now, look like a Pro Bowler. I can't stress how terrible that is, but other teams' fans don't get it.

Falcons 3rd down D is last in the NFL. That provides some serious tears. That stat is right on the heels of another 3rd down conversion.

Packers pick up 17 on a 1st and 15. No surprise there. Dread Zone incoming.

Let's not forget this drive started on the 10, where so few drives actually result in TDs.

And the Packers terrible TD Red Zone stat is cured by the Falcons worse red zone D. Eddie Lacy plows into the end zone for a TD. The end of the first quarter coincides with the first score of the game. Oh, and DeCoud went down on that play. I know he's not played well lately, but I never want a Falcon to be injured

End of 1st Quarter, Packers First Drive: TD - Falcons 0 - Packers 7

Ryan Tannehill just tried to go deep in a blizzard. Imagine my surprise when it failed. Well, maybe not blizzard by you northern peoples' standards, but it doesn't snow where I am...ever.

It's 11 degrees in GB with a wind chill below 0. And the Packers fans are there in droves. (Probably because they're playing miserable us), but still, that's incredible.

SJax's first touch of the drive is a sweep, which gets some great blocking. Lamar Holmes went running at a DB, who immediately tried to get away from that. I would, too.

I didn't know that Lambeau had a field warmer system. That was really neat to look at. I wonder if the players' feet stay warm (or at least warmer) than they would be normally.

Now we hear Spoon and DeCoud are out. Sweet.

Wow, a nice TD pass to Drew Davis! And Billick is right, Matty had some actual pass protection there. Supposedly, the Packers pass rush isn't very good. At least we struck back this time.

Falcons 2nd Drive: TD - Falcons 7 - Packers 7

Now comes the problem. Our experienced LB is out. Our...well, DeCoud is out. Hope he's alright, but here comes another rookie. That makes...Trufant, Alford, Worrilow, Bartu, Motta, Goodman...6 out of 11. Good grief.

Wow, the Packers' second drive ends on the first play! A destructo-blast hit from William Moore knocks the ball loose from Flynn.

Packers' 2nd Drive: Fumble - Falcons 7 - Packers 7

The Packers were pretty mad about that hit, too. Now the Falcons convert a long 3rd down with Roddy White, who really looks better. He might not be 100% but a 90% Roddy is still better than most WR in the league.

Now the Falcons have 100 OL in the game, but it's a fake! And Gonzalez is wide open in the end zone for a TD. Very well done by the Falcons there.

Suddenly, after being down after the whole first quarter, the Falcons have scored 14 in just under 7 minutes.

Falcons 3rd Drive: TD - Falcons 14 - Packers 7

So the Dolphins' punt returner was falling backwards in the snow and caught the ball while falling on his rear. That's impressive.

Packers try a WR screen and Trufant is right there with a nice tackle behind the LoS.

Packers then convert a 3rd down by Jordy Nelson, who was in the middle of 4 Falcons.

Zeke Motta just laid a hit on Lacy and Lacy didn't budge. That's insane.

Well, DeCoud is out and now all I see is #41 all over the place where the ball is. Hmm......

Mason Crosby kicks a field goal to reduce the Falcons' lead to 4.

Packers 3rd Drive: FG - Falcons 14 - Packers 10

So it looks like the Packers have Fire Fans on the sidelines. What was that? Oil drum fires and fans, or something.

Good grief, Philedelphia. THAT is a blizzard.

And the Falcons drive fails without doing much of anything.

Falcons 4th Drive: Punt - Falcons 14 - Packers 10

What was that thing on the Packers sideline? Fire Iron Lung Workout Bicycle?

Well, one of the more bizarre interceptions was just returned for a TD by Spoon. What in the world.

Packers 4th Drive: TAINT - Falcons 21 - Packers 10

That's also the Halftime score ^^

Packers get the ball to start the second half. Nothing new there for Falcons fans.

A false start really hurts the Packers and the Falcons D makes a stop

Packers 5th Drive: Punt - Falcons 21 - Packers 10

And the Falcons also fail a drive without so much as a whimper

Falcons 5th Drive: Punt - Falcons 21 - Packers 10

Alford, he of supposed physical prowess, just got burned by Jordy Nelson. Actually that route fooled him pretty badly. Still, burned. Now the Packers are near the Dread Zone.

JoMass gets a sack, forcing a 3rd and long. Robert McClain makes a nice, but strange open field tackle.

Packers 6th Drive: Field Goal - Falcons 21 - Packers 13

Falcons do nothing, once again

Falcons 6th Drive: Punt

Packers next drive starts with a bone crushing sack, which then leads to an easy completion. Typical Falcons is starting to rear its ugly head now. Lacy gets hit 4 yards behind the LoS, gains 2. Sweet.

Easy completions. Easy completions. Easy completions. Here comes le Packers.

Corey Peters just ran Eddie Lacy down. I'm amused.

Falcons manage to halt the Packers in the Dread Zone. If Rodgers was here, we'd be down by 40.

Packers 7th Drive: Field Goal - Falcons 21 - Packers 16

So we've failed to do anything of note the past two offensive drives. One play ends the third quarter. So here we go to the deciding quarter, Falcons are still up 21-16.

And the Typical Falcons fumble the ball away suddenly.

Falcons 7th Drive: Fumble

Here comes Typical Falcons, back from the dregs of the first quarter. Packers already in the Dread Zone.

And they score easily.

Packers 8th Drive: TD - Falcons 21 - Packers 22 - Packers fail 2-pt Conv.

HD provides us with the first 1st Down in about 3 years. He's almost at 1000 yards, which is awesome.

SJax gets another first down, then Roddy gets his hand warmer grabbed. I don't know if that's holding but it's definitely something.

Money Matt Bryant misses the field goal by literally a yard, giving the Packers excellent field position to put the game away.

Falcons 8th Drive: Nothing

Falcons manage to keep the Packers from doing anything there.

Packers 9th Drive: Punt

As you may have noticed, I stopped putting the score if it doesn't change.

Quizz just laid a slam to Morgan Burnett. That was nice on that screen.

That was not nice on that throw to SJax.

That was nice on that throw to Gonzalez. Looks like the Packer that tackled Gonzo is down. He just held Gonzalez and still gave up the catch. I'd be down too. But really, hope he's alright.

Then another play with more Packers injuries. Then they ran into each other.

Big 3rd and 9 here...and the Falcons require a timeout.

Miserable play call on 3rd and 9 makes it 4th down.

I'm so torn between whether or not I want us to win. I mean...I want us to win, but winning provides literally nothing for the team at this point except a worse draft pick. I'm thinking of the team's long term future at this point.

And that's pretty much the game. Gonzalez drops a first down pass. Could've been a better throw, but it's zero degrees out there.

Falcons 9th Drive: Fail

3rd and 9 here for the Pack. If they throw, they win. If they run, we get a (small) chance.

They run, and Osi throws the heck out of Lacy.

So Matty will get about 50 seconds to take the ball roughly...who knows, 40 yards? We'll need it inside of 50 yards to win the game, methinks.

Packers 10th drive: Punt

SO after that punt, Matty gets the ball on the 9. We need 60 yards in 44 seconds.

Two plays, they're at their own 43. And an incompletion.

Now we have 17 seconds to get 25 yards. We also must get out of bounds.

And HD drops a perfect pass. And now it's 3rd and 10.

Well, that was our chance at it. But the Packers inexplicably have an illegal substitution. No wonder they had 7 DBs on the field, they also had  6 LBs and 5 DL.

Nevermind, they got a "timeout".

Well, here we go. 3rd and 10. And it's a pick.

Ball game, your final score:

Falcons 21 - Packers 22

Another winnable game lost because of stupid mistakes.