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Falcons vs. Packers: Watch Ryan Schraeder

It's gametime for the burly offensive lineman.

Rick Stewart

The stakes aren't high for the Falcons in this game, which means me giving you a player to watch like a Matt Ryan or a Steven Jackson wouldn't mean much to you. Win or lose, no one's rioting here.

So watch Ryan Schraeder instead. The rookie tackle drew some raves from Pat Hill this week, as detailed by Jeanna Thomas yesterday, and it sounds like he's going to get a real shot to play at guard and tackle. If he's a player, particularly at guard, the Falcons may have one less need going into 2014. That would absolutely huge.

There's no guarantee he'll be anything more than a useful backup, but these last four games will help us find out. Keep a close eye on Schraeder and hope for the best.