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The Falcoholic expert picks: Week 14

How is it already Week 14?

Kevin C. Cox

The whole 2013 season has seemingly flown by, because there are only a few games left on the regular season schedule before we all return to the offseason doldrums. At least the Falcons will have a relatively high draft pick to discuss for months on end.

Last week Atlanta managed to snap a five-game losing streak. I was the only on our staff brave enough to pick them, and guess what? I'm taking the Falcons again. The Panthers-Saints matchup appears to be the game of the week. It created a split among the group. Take a look at our picks for Week 14.

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Editor's note: We picked these games yesterday, but I wasn't able to post until today, hence the Thursday night game. Dave just wanted to make sure everyone knew he picked the Jaguars.

No faith. Here's my logic in taking the Falcons again:

1) The Packers looked terrible on Thanksgiving. I don't care how good the Lions front line is.

2) Matt Flynn.

3) Roddy White was stellar against Buffalo. He might finally be 100 percent (only took 13 weeks!). Steven Jackson ran well. There were a lot of positive takeaways from that win.

4) Matt Flynn.

And some of you may not want the Falcons to win. I can appreciate both sides of the discussion, but I still believe they'll finish with a high enough draft pick to be in position for Clowney. They have some tough games ahead.

For Carolina at New Orleans, I find it hard to believe the Saints will forget about their debacle in Seattle. Sean Payton and co. will have this team ready for another huge matchup. Playing in the Superdome helps. Drew Brees is 10-0 in prime time home games (I believe I saw that stat somewhere).

We only have a few weeks left, and James remains ahead of the pack. Caleb and I can't quite catch him. Dave and Jeanna are in an intense fight to the death for last place. Looks like our leader is already up a game with his Thursday night pick.

What's your take on this week's slate?