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The Falcons Will Play The Lions in London At 9:30 in the Morning

The NFL hates you. It hates all of us.


Perhaps you've been warming up to the idea of the Falcons "hosting" an NFL game in London. If you are an NFL fan in Europe who has a legitimate shot at seeing this game in person, you're ecstatic. If you're a fan here in 'Murica, it's cool, but you worry about the loss of an actual home game and all that.

Friends, I delight to inform you that the Falcons will now be playing this game on October 26th, 2014 at...9:30 a.m. EST. That's 1:30 in the UK, of course, which makes it the perfect time for fans over there. For fans on the East Coast of the U.S.? That's uh...a little early to start drinking.

Look: This is for fans in the UK. It's about expanding the NFL's international footprint and potentially paving the way for a London-based franchise someday, and I'm not really opposed to that. I know the Falcons have a strong following across the pond, and I'm legitimately happy they get to go to a game. I just don't understand why the NFL is going to such great lengths to screw Falcons and Lions fans in the States by having the start time four hours earlier. Perhaps Roger Goodell would like to explain it in between slamming my head into his large mahogany desk over and over again.