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Which Green Bay Packer Would You Take for the Falcons?

It's a simple question.

Kevin C. Cox

The Falcons are bad and the Packers have been bad since Aaron Rodgers went down. It's unclear whether he'll return, so this could be somewhat like the Bills game: A comedy of errors.

Yet when you gaze upon the Packers' roster, it's hard not to quickly identify quality players who would be welcome to wear a Falcons uniform. As is our little custom here, I'd like you to pick one player in particular you think is a good fit for Atlanta. I'll set you up with a few possibilities.

Aaron Rodgers

Most of the direct upgrades on Matt Ryan are considerably older than he is. Rodgers, on the other hand, is a demi-god around the same age who is arguably the best pure quarterback in the NFL today. I'd find it hard to say no.

Eddie Lacy

A big, useful power back without many miles on his legs. Not the best player available from the team, but it'd be nice to have a young feature back.

Randall Cobb

One of the most dynamic young receivers in the game and an incredibly versatile special teamer, Cobb would be the perfect slot receiver and returner for the Falcons.

Clay Matthews

One of the great pass rushers in the NFL. His production comes and goes a bit, but he'd be a deadly addition to the linebacking corps.

Nick Perry

Four sacks for Perry this season, just 23 years old? Quite appealing.

Sam Shields

Just 25 years old, quality ball skills and a sound tackler. He'd be a nice fit in the secondary.