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Matt Ryan Breaks Franchise Passing Yardage Record

Fact: When Matt Ryan drives a car off the lot, it actually increases in value.

Kevin C. Cox

Sunday's game was all about Greg Hardy schooling our offensive line Tony Gonzalez. He addressed the team Saturday night, and by all accounts, there wasn't a dry eye for miles.

You could tell every Falcon wanted to win the game for Gonzo, especially Matt Ryan. And Ryan, with very little fanfare and on a pass to Gonzo himself, broke the Falcons' all-time passing yards record yesterday.

The record was previously held by Steve Bartkowski. Bartkowski, as a Falcon, threw for 23,470 yards. After his 280 yard performance yesterday, Ryan stands at 23,472 yards. He owns the record by just 2 yards, but he owns it. Ryan did it in 94 games, while Bartkowski needed 123.

Bartkowski still owns the all-time touchdown record (154), with Ryan (153) right on his heels. After Ryan breaks the all-time touchdown record next season, he will own the Falcons' records for passing yards, passing touchdowns, and single season passing touchdowns (32). In short, while he's already the greatest quarterback in Falcons history, the record book will officially sit on his rich mahogany, ornately decorated shelf.

Now the focus shifts. Now we start worrying about how to protect Matt Ryan and the frozen water than runs through his veins. Your thoughts?