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Panthers vs. Falcons: a Tweet Recap

The Falcons came close to playing spoilers for a division rival, the Carolina Panthers, but it was not meant to be. With that one-point loss, this terrible season is finally over.

Kevin C. Cox

The Falcons had an opportunity yesterday to put a division rival in their place. With an Atlanta win, the Panthers would have missed out on a first round playoff bye. They had an opportunity to end the horrific 2013 season on a positive note, and elevate their disappointed fans' hope for the future with a win. They had an opportunity to send the greatest tight end of all time, Tony Gonzalez, off to retirement with one last victory. Did they do it? Nope.

It was Tony Gonzalez's last game as a pro. #ThankYouTony was trending yesterday, as fans and others around the league expressed their respect for the legendary tight end and his myriad accomplishments.

Priorities! Sorry Mom.

There were too many Panthers fans making too many questionable fashion choices in the Georgia Dome.

It was nothing our fans couldn't handle.

It almost feels wrong to make fun of Cam Newton, considering he's a huge Falcons fan.

It sure was nice to see this guy on the sideline, and it will be even better to see him back on the field next season.

There were flashes of brilliance from the offense yesterday.

The defense had some shining moments, also.

Peter-Paul Whirlywoo continues to impress.

And Worrilow has a cute nephew.


Please consider this, Tony Gonzalez, because it is a great idea.

As we have come to expect from the 2013 Falcons, they found ways to lose.

As always, the fans were left with some legitimate questions.

And the offensive line was absolutely atrocious.

Mike Smith got in on the action, too, with a really questionable challenge flag.

The refs weren't particularly great, either. Is Cam Newton taking acting classes? If so, they're working.

There was at least one valid penalty called, and that was an unnecessary roughness assessed on the Panthers' Captain Munnerlyn after a late hit out of bounds.

Falcons fans went into the half with hope--hope for the second half, and for 2014.

The play of the game was probably a forced fumble by Robert Alford with a recovery by Desmond Trufant. The play came on the tail end of the kind of explosive play the Falcons have been susceptible to all season, but it prevented a Panthers touchdown and kept the game from getting out of hand.

Of course, that play was followed by a quick pick-six by Carolina. It was not fun.

Arthur Blank did not look impressed toward the end of the game. He did, however, look wealthy.

Regardless, it looked like things were falling into place for a classic Falcons game-winning drive. Atlanta was down by one, all they had to do was get into field goal range and let Matt Bryant handle it.

And then Joe Hawley snapped the ball while Ryan was making adjustments.

Many fans are just relieved the season is over.

And many are just relieved they made it through the season without alcohol poisoning.

And at least the Falcons didn't give the Saints any playoff seeding assistance.

This is a very accurate diagram.

Thank you, Tony Gonzalez. I wish the Falcons had been able to give you a better final season. I wish it hadn't ended this way. Thank you for your professionalism, for sharing your talent with us, and for your contributions to this team over the past five seasons.