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Falcons 2014 Schedule: Home, Away Games Set

The Falcons now know who their 2014 opponents will be. The only question is when they will face each team.

Kevin C. Cox

The Falcons now know exactly who they'll be facing at home and away in 2014.

Hat tip to the mothership:

Carolina, Tampa Bay, New Orleans, Green Bay, Minnesota, Baltimore, Cincinnati, NY Giants.

Carolina, Tampa Bay, New Orleans, Detroit (in London), Chicago, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Arizona.

The early thoughts: It's not an easy schedule, but not an impossible one. They lose one home game in favor of a trip to London, but it's tough to say just how good the Lions will be next year. Being on the road against Baltimore, Cincinnati and Green Bay is tough, no doubt. At least they get Arizona, Chicago and Pittsburgh at home. The only gimme games in the bunch are (if they play this way again) the Giatns and Cleveland.

Your thoughts on the schedule?