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2014 NFL Draft: Falcons Have The Sixth Pick

The Atlanta Falcons will have the sixth selection in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Kevin C. Cox

The Atlanta Falcons have the sixth overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. Who they'll select with that pick is the big unknown, now.

The Falcons went 4-12 for the season, leaving them in a five-way tie for the third overall pick in the draft. When strength of schedule is factored in, the Falcons tumble all the way down to sixth, with only the Tampa Bay Buccaneers behind them.

The 2014 NFL draft class is shaping up to be a strong and deep one, so there should be a potential impact defender or starting offensive lineman available with that sixth pick. It's up to the Falcons to scout and draft wisely to help the 2014 team deliver much better results. The NFL Draft is in early May, so we've got plenty of time to discuss it.

Here's the order leading up to the Falcons. Hat tip to Mocking the Draft:

1. Houston Texans - 2-14 (.559)
2. St. Louis Rams (via Washington Redskins) - 3-13 (.516)
3. Jacksonville Jaguars - 4-12 (.504)
4. Cleveland Browns - 4-12 (.516)
5. Oakland Raiders - 4-12 (.523)
6. Atlanta Falcons - 4-12 (.553)

Who do you see the Falcons selecting with the sixth overall pick?