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Panthers-Falcons Recap: It's Finally Over

It's over. The season every Ryan-Smith era Falcon fan will want to forget is finally over.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Consider this your post-game thread, but keep it civil, please.

I had the usual drive-by-drive thing going, but I elected to erase it after watching the falconly first half. By the time I post this, this nightmare of a season will be over, and Gonzalez will be the second popular #88 to go without a championship this season.

This season has been terrible. Everything you hear from the older fans seems like it came to fruitiion in every game this year. We had the 49ers beaten in Candlestick's last game, and yet still lost.

There have been times when the team looked like it was a contender and other times when it looks like it's a waste of human flesh.

Today, the team was a waste of human flesh. Actually, that's incredibly mean and not entirely accurate, but they weren't good.

Matt Ryan's never thrown this many picks, he's never been hit so much, he's never been sacked so much. It's hard to watch the best player on your team get destroyed because the rest of it is just not playing very well. We don't need to remind the players of this. They know they've not played well this year. I mean...they're the ones playing! I think they'd know if they're getting their tails whipped or not.

So I ask that you please respect the players during this offseason. A lot of them expected something very different, as we all did.

In the coming months, we'll examine the season over and over and over. Just how close were we to being respectable? What players should we get excited for? The last time we had a pick this high, it went pretty well. (But the time before that, it was suck)

Even still, the performance by the offensive line today has been a representation of the team's whole season. The Falcons came flying out of the gates and looked great. They looked like they'd be competitive. Somehow, the defense kept them in the game.

And then they screwed it up.

Just incredible. Always our team, always the most absurd screw ups.

Good job sending Gonzalez out in the worst way possible, Falcons.