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Will the Falcons Bring Back Tony Gonzalez for a Playoff Run in 2014?

Fact: Tony Gonzalez's cars never run out of gas; they're too afraid of him to do something stupid like that

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

This is an idea I've seen floated a few times in recent days. The question is a straightforward one: if the Falcons are in contention next Fall, and Thomas Dimitroff asks Tony Gonzalez to come back for a playoff run, would he do it? At this point, in Gonzalez's mind, it's at least a possibility.

Now Gonzalez wonders if he could change his mind again if Atlanta returns to playoff contention next fall and general manager Thomas Dimitroff gives him a call.

"I'd have to cross that bridge when I get to it, but right now I don't have any plans," he said. "I know for sure I won't be on an opening day for roster anybody. I'm going to-- this is it. This is it."

Put simply, he's not ruling it out. I'm quite sure Gonzalez is experiencing all kinds of emotions at this point. In less than 48 hours, his NFL career will likely be over. He probably has no idea what he wants, other than to spend time with his family. A career as an analyst, coaching, curing cancer - these are all possibilities for the sure-fire Hall of Famer.

What do you think? Would bringing him back make sense? Think he'd even do it?