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2014 Pro Bowl Roster: Falcons Strike Out

Unsurprisingly, there are no Falcons in the 2014 Pro Bowl.


Barring alternates being selected, no Falcons are going to the Pro Bowl. The 2014 Pro Bowl rosters have been announced and there's not an Atlanta player in sight, not even the great Tony Gonzalez.

We all know that even when there's a ton of Falcons on the NFC roster, the Pro Bowl isn't worth much. We all know the most deserving players are regularly left off (Alshon Jeffrey, anyone?) and the undeserving make it. It's a popularity contest, not a way of evaluating players.

That said, if you're looking to watch the Pro Bowl and root for Falcons, there's a chance a couple will make it as alternates once injured or disinterested players drop out. Stay tuned for that.

Your thoughts?