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Falcons Promote Adam Replogle, Sean Baker From Practice Squad

With one week left in the season, the Falcons are shoring up their depth.

Kevin C. Cox

Zeke Motta and Corey Peters hit IR earlier this week. It's little surprise that the Falcons are shoring up their depth with one game left just to ensure they can make it through without playing Josh Vaughan at defensive tackle.

So Adam Replogle and Sean Baker are coming up off the practice squad. Replogle drew a lot of attention this pre-season as the strongest man in camp and someone who looked like he might crack the 2013 Falcons roster. This will be a brief opportunity to audition for a job in 2014 for a spot in a potentially depleted defensive tackle rotation, so I'll be watching him closely.

Sean Baker had 18 career interceptions at Ball State, which drew him a spot on the Tampa Bay practice squad in 2012 and eventually led him to Atlanta. I'm not sure if he's got a shot at a roster spot next season or not, but he may get some special teams snaps on Sunday.

Season's almost over, folks. Wish Replogle and Baker luck.