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Falcons vs. 49ers: a Tweet Recap

That was fun, and then it wasn't fun. It was fun again, and then it wasn't fun again.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons' offense, for the most part, looked like the Falcons of old yesterday against the 49ers. They got off to a promising start, establishing a 10-3 lead over the 49ers that would carry into halftime. The second half began, and with it came the typical third quarter Falcons collapse. The 49ers scored 10unanswered points in the third quarter. The fourth quarter was a thriller, and it looked like the Falcons really had a shot to win it at the end. Alas, it was not to be. At least we have the tweets from the game to cling to in our sorrow.

You can always tell when the playoffs are on the horizon. The Arizona Cardinals really wanted the Falcons to win.

It was so funny to see Saints fans forced to root for the Falcons for playoff purposes, also.

It's important to be prepared for Falcons games.

Hey Jon Gruden, his name is Paul Worrilow. We don't know who Peter Worrilue is.

To be fair, it seems like Jon Gruden doesn't know how to pronounce anyone's name. Even a future Hall of Famer's.

Gruden wasn't the only one getting mixed up last night, ahem, Dave Choate.

We were all a little apprehensive about that Niners pass rush against what passes for a Falcons offensive line these days.

I guess it was the last regular season game in Candlestick Park? It's so weird that nobody on ESPN thought to mention it.

Roddy White played awfully well in Candlestick last night, also.

As a matter of fact, there were plenty of spectacular plays last night.

And plenty of plays that weren't spectacular.

The commentary was also not spectacular.

Tony Gonzalez, we are going to miss you.

Matt Bosher is a boss.

So is Matt Bryant.

Hey, did you guys know that last night was the last regular season game in Candlestick Park?

Y'all think I'm joking. I'm not.

Corey Peters was having a very solid game before leaving the game with an Achilles injury. If the injury is serious, it's spectacularly bad news for the Falcons, and for Peters in a contract year. Here's hoping for a swift and full recovery.

Fans often have really good ideas.

Jonathan Massaquoi, destroyer of worlds.

Paul Worrilow was flagged for a very iffy pass interference call, and let's just say that wasn't the only bad call of the evening.

Hey, did you guys know that last night was the last regular season game in Candlestick Park?

The Falcons went into halftime with a lead, which was encouraging.

But the third quarter was a typical pit of despair.

As a matter of fact, can we start a petition or something to just do away with second halves altogether?

But lo, the fourth quarter arrived, and hope dawned across the entirety of Falcons nation. Well, the entirety of Falcons nation that wasn't rooting for tanking.

And then, just as quickly as it had arrived, that hope vanished, leaving nothing but despair in its wake.

Hey, did you guys know that last night was the last regular season game in Candlestick Park?

Courtney, you let us all down last night.

Let's not get too crazy, man.

That on-side kick and recovery was one of the plays of the year.

That last offensive play, though--that was depressing.

Was it all on Matt Ryan, though? No. Come on.

There are some positives to take away from yesterday's game, and this season in general.

All we can do is try to laugh our way through it, and make fun of Jon Gruden.

And, of course, keep looking on the bright side.