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Falcons - 49ers Recap: The Tease Continues

The Falcons had the 49ers right where they wanted them on Monday night, but because it was Candlestick's last game...and because it's the Falcons...they lost. Consider this your post-game thread.

Ol' Art Blank says "L" is for losing!
Ol' Art Blank says "L" is for losing!
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we're getting ready to go. I'm expecting the beatdown of a lifetime because this just feels like the Falcons are being lead to their demise.

And the Falcons are being made fun of on ESPN right now. Do they get swept in the picks? (Probably. Has that happened at all this year?)

Chris Berman likened the Falcons to the Washington Generals, who lost to the Globetrotters 100,000 times.


They did win one time.

So all the Falcons have to be the Washington Generals that one time.

Who am I kidding...this is gonna be bad.

Hey look, we get the ball first (again). But it's not because we won the toss.

Okay, it's already loud as hell there. That's terrifying, but again it's the last game being played there.

I almost want a 3 and out. First play is a 2 yard pass to the FB. Hawley goes out to celebrate. ....why? Eh, whatever. SJax takes it to a 3rd and 1, and we put in the Omega Jumbo package, which (somehow) gets a first down.

Well, the good news is that we all know that at some point, we had more yards than them....and we were tied with them. The little things!

Welp, there went 3 of those yards. That screen fake was pretty lame, SJax. Though they didn't let the DL through like you're supposed to do on a screen. Now it's 3rd and 11. Bye bye drive! Ryan Schraeder is in the game. Lord, help us this young team.

Falcons 1st Drive: Punt - ATL 0 - SF 0

Well, here we go. Amazing how Gore just slips through the defense. Two LBs touched him in the backfield.

Gah, Alford had a chance at that one. Miscommunication by Kap about lead to a pick 6.

SF is on the 30 already? Good grief.

Kap scramble makes it 3rd and short. A Peters sack! Peters ran him down from behind, which is both hilarious and awesome. We held them to 3 points one time. Small things!

Niners 2st Drive: FG - ATL 0 - SF 3

Well we stopped them. The old "BVG Bend but break a little" defense in full play there.

Quizz brings out the ball from the end zone and doesn't make it to the 20 for once. He usually does, which is why I've never cared about him bringing the ball out. Oh well, we just need to move the ball this time. Right?...RIGHT?!

Two plays, 3 yards. Here comes another punt. I can feel it in my bones. We're still not throwing downfield. But then again, that pass had Aldon Smith in Matty's face.

Wow, nice job by HD over the middle stretching out for the first.

And Lamar Holmes false starts to screw things up. 1st and 15. And Matt throws the shortest pass in NFL history to Gonzalez for 2 yards. That was odd.

Also, Ryan Schraeder just got run over. I've never seen an OL get put flat on his rear like that. BUT we moved the ball a bit, which was nice.

And we punt again.

Falcons 2nd Drive: Punt - ATL 0 - SF 3

Not that I expected anything different, but I wish this were different.

Double corner blitz, one has a free hit on Kap and misses. Now Peters is hurt.

This season sucks.

McClain gets beaten easily because he doesn't know where the ball is.

God, I don't want to watch this. Why are their guys always so open and ours never are? Why does this happen against literally every team we play? Every time we play somebody, someone of theirs gets wide open on nearly every pass play, whereas we never ever try to throw it downfield? I've never seen anything like it in my life and OF COURSE it's my team on the wrong end of it.

It took two drives to suck the happiness out of me.

And McClain gets beaten again. But it sounds like he was pushed. Turns out he was. Now 2nd and 18. Can we stop them?

Nope. Their 2nd down play goes for 17.

And the first quarter is over. Somehow, we're only down 3 points...for now.

End of 1Q: ATL 0 - SF 3

Nicks stops them on 3rd and 1 and struggles to get up. Hopefully he's alright. Nice job grabbing the shoelaces of Kap's. Phew!

Niners 2nd Drive: Punt - ATL 0 - SF 3

Raise your hand if you thought we'd only be down 3 at this point? Anybody? Is this thing on?

Quizz weaves his way around for 8. Gruden has some nice words for him. 2nd and 2 now, which is completed easily to Roddy.

And the OL fails miserably on another 2nd and short. Our 2nd down running game is one of the worst in the NFL.

And a big play to Drew Davis! He gets it down to the 5 and suddenly the Falcons have a chance to at least tie the game!

Don't get my hopes up, Falcons. Do not do it. SJax gets down to the 2. Here we go. 2nd and goal at the 2. Will we pound SJax again?

Nevermind, Lamar Holmes screws things up again.

Huge hit by Whitner. I thought it was dirty but that was a good blast. Falcons get lucky with a penalty on that, but I'll take it.

SJax bounces off of Whitner this time and takes it into the end zone! The Falcons actually have the lead! What is this magic?

Falcons 3rd Drive: TD - ATL 7 - SF 3

SF gets the ball and starts run, run, running. They're setting up the play action which will probably burn us for 105 yards in a single play.

Harbaugh has glasses on. He looks like a grandpa with those on, like Tom Coughlin.

Nice stop by Bartu on a Gore run. Also, Paul Worrilow, not Peter, Gruden.

Great job by Jerry on that 3rd down, chasing Kap down from behind. The Falcons' D is playing to win tonight, which feels nice. Lot of game left. I'm still expecting the wheels to fall off any minute now.

Niners 3rd Drive: Punt - ATL 7 - SF 3

McClain returned the punt to the 22. Nice return there. SJax is running a little angry right now. He plowed over Whitner on that first down run.

Drive going well so far. We almost look like we're beating them at the line of scrimmage for the moment. Harland Gunn is at right guard now.

Sack really hurts the drive, and a dump to Snelling confirms the end.

Falcons 4th Drive: Punt - ATL 7 - SF 3

Well, the good news is that no matter how many points they score on this drive, they won't be more than one score ahead. Hooray optimism!

So far, so good. Good stop on first and second. Here comes a medium 3rd down. A stop here would be huge. Not expecting it though.

Great stop by the Falcons D. McClain was ready to intercept a good pass there, and then he makes a great return to set up a 2 minute chance for the Falcons!

Niners 4th Drive: Punt - ATL 7 - SF 3

Here comes the speed offense. We look like we're playing for 3 instead of 7. Lame. Patrick Willis with the nice coverage on Gonzo. Actually Gonzo dropped that one. Lame.

Drive ends with the Falcons nabbing 3 points, finishing an effective drive that leaves something to be desired, like 4 points. HOWEVER, I'll take it.

Falcons 5th Drive: FG - ATL 10 - SF 3

Anyone predict this would be the halftime score? Me either. Kendall Hunter scares us just a little with that kickoff return but it's all for naught.

Halftime: ATL 10 - SF 3

For the record, I'm not expecting this low scoring fest to continue.

Second half underway. Niners get the ball first. Good stop on first down, Vernon Davis drops a pretty bad throw from Kap. When you make a QB rush, bad throws happen.

And an idiot penalty by Osi of all people gives a failed 3rd down new life. Here comes an easy first down. How can you line up in the neutral zone like that?


Here comes the momentum shift.

And without saying anymore, there's their touchdown, as expected.

Niners 5th Drive: ATL 10 - SF 10

That offsides penalty is going to cost us the game. Typical Falcons football.

And in protest of my sadness, the Falcons have moved the ball to the 50, where they screw it up on 3rd down.

Woohoo! Here comes the downhill slope.

Falcons 6th Drive: Punt - ATL 10 - SF 10

So we get some stops and then we get the worst PI in history. Man, this is hard to watch.

We did stop them again on 3rd though. Maybe they'll shank the FG.

Niners 6th Drive: FG - ATL 10 - SF 13

First down fail. Second down, crappy run play. Again. We've gotta stop with that. Now it's 3rd and long again!

3rd down fail. This ballgame is over. Any hope we had is pretty much gone now. We're losing field position, we're losing the score battle, we're just plain losing.

Falcons 7th Drive: Punt - ATL 10 - SF 13

The sad part of it all is...if the Falcons were at full strength, we'd be winning this game. That's been the story of most games this season.

Worrilow gets held on the Kap scramble, no call. Looks like the refs want the Niners to send Candlestick out with a win. Which is too bad.

Niners drive down the field easily, and they're about to put the game out of reach.

And they do.

Niners 7th Drive: TD - ATL 10 - SF 20

I was so sad about the past little while, I forgot to keep writing.

Now we have the ball, and now Quizz is shaken up. Possible concussion. Great.

So now we sputter down the field. Roddy White is being a man this drive!

And we take a deep shot! It's caught by Roddy for a TD! Now it's time for my hope to be crushed again!

Falcons 8th Drive: TD - ATL 17 - SF 20

And now the Niners are at the goal line. DeCoud gets juked by a step towards him. At that angle. SMH

Niners 8th Drive: TD - ATL 17 - SF 27

And the Falcons have already screwed this drive up. Now we're trying to go for it on 4th and 2. Somehow, the Roddy White show continues.

Roddy White show still continuing. And now we're inside the 10! Roddy gets a first down, 1st and goal from the 2.

Matty scrambles and makes a catch, but OF COURSE A FLAG! Wow, both of them on the defense. So we scored! It's a 3 point game again. We like to make things difficult for our opponents (but not too difficult on them). But ESPECIALLY difficult on their own fans.

Falcons 9th Drive: TD - ATL 24 - SF 27

AND WE GOT THE ONSIDE KICK?! WHAT IS THIS? WHAT A GRAB BY SNELLING! You've gotta be kidding me. This game has new life! What kinda sorcery is this?

Don't fail me now, Falcons. You've only failed me all season.

...and there you have it.

There are no words for what has just happened. None.

But I can tell you this: I can't wait for this season to be over.

Final Score: Doesn't Matter. You all saw what I just saw.