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Reeves: Injuries, Personnel to Blame for the Falcons' Lackluster 2013

Fact: Matt Ryan can eat an entire cheese wheel

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It's easy to judge the Falcons from my Lazy Boy recliner. For the most part, I'm very understanding. But on occasion, I do question their effort, ice cold can of Natural Light in my manicured hand. I'm sure most of you have been there. For what it's worth, Dan Reeves doesn't think their effort is lacking.

“Exactly, they are playing hard,” Reeves said. “(The injuries) have showed that the depth is not what it needed to be and you can become mediocre real quick if you get some injuries and aren’t in the right situations. They’ve certainly had their share of them.”

Two things stand out to me about Reeves' analysis. First, it rules out effort (or lack thereof) as a culprit contributing to the Falcons' struggles this year. Second, it seemingly implies that the Falcons haven't done enough to put a well-balanced team on the field. It's not enough to have stars at key positions; your team must be solid throughout.

Your thoughts?