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Falcons vs. 49ers: The Lines Are The Matchups That Matter

Not four matchups this week, but two.


The Atlanta Falcons are coming into this road game in Candlestick Park as major underdogs. You would be hard-pressed to argue against that.

In a game that's could be a blowout, there's not four matchups that truly stand out. There are, however, two that very much matter: The Falcons' lines on both sides of the ball versus the 49ers' lines.

On paper, this is a giant mismatch. The 49ers have a terrific pass rush from their front seven and one of the strongest run-blocking lines in the game of football. The Falcons, of course, have a lackluster pass rush and one of the worst offensive lines in the game of football.

If we're to see the Falcons make this a competitive game or even a win, the lines are going to have to play the best football they have all season. While you're watching Tony Gonzalez closely, you'll know more about the game's course by observing the lines. If the Falcons can get after Colin Kaepernick and block effectively up front, sure, they've got a chance. If they can't, it's going to be a long evening.

Weigh in. How will the Falcons' lines hold up?