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Falcons vs. 49ers: Watch Tony Gonzalez

An argument for keeping a close eye on the greatest tight end in NFL history.

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

It's the second-to-last game in a lost season for the Atlanta Falcons, but for Tony Gonzalez, it's anything but a meaningless game.

This is the last road game of Gonzo's career. It's a damn shame the Falcons didn't send out the greatest tight end in NFL history with at least a playoff berth, but unfortunately very few of us get to choose the way out careers end. For Gonzalez, though, every catch and block and run in this game is going to be extremely meaningful. It's the second-to-last time he's going to do so if he follows through on his plans to retire.

I didn't mention Gonzalez in my Pro Bowl article the other day, because it's likely that he'll be a runner-up thanks to the crazy numbers guys like Jimmy Graham are putting up. (It's not too late to vote for him, by the way). Yet at 37 years old, Gonzo has reeled in 71 catches for 740 yards and 7 touchdowns despite being bumped at the line of scrimmage and double-teamed on nearly every play. It's a testament not just to his excellence, but the work ethic required to play at that level for nearly two full decades.

Even if this game winds up being a forgettable blowout in a disappointing season, it's going to be worth watching Tony Gonzalez. We're running out of chances to do so.

Your pick for player to watch?