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Falcons 2013 Season Winds Down. What Will You Remember?

We polled Falcons fans on Twitter to discover what they

Jonathan Daniel

Long after the 2013 season is over, all we'll remember about this Falcons team will be images, moments and that damnable losing record. The question is, what will stand out?

I turned to Twitter to collect some answers. My question was, in essence, what stood out from 2013? Was it the draft, Mike Johnson's training camp injury or a moment from the season itself? Or is it the entire season as one long, painful memory? I got a ton of responses, and I'll share some of them with you here.

For me, this season is Julio Jones' injury. The Falcons were heading for a mediocre season even with Jones, but seeing a receiver like Jones operating at the height of his powers lost because he broke a screw in his foot seems to me to be an apt summation of what went wrong here. So much promise, unfulfilled because of injuries and mistakes.

What will you remember about this year when we turn our calendars over to 2014?