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Falcons vs. Bills: a Tweet Recap

Falcons Twitter is particularly fun during a win, especially when Toronto mayor Rob Ford is in attendance.

Tom Szczerbowski

The Falcons grabbed their passports and headed north to take on the Buffalo Bills in Toronto's Rogers Centre, and hey, they actually won! Everything is more fun when the Falcons win, and Twitter is no exception.

Falcons fans really showed up for this one. It sounded pretty much like a home game for the Falcons.

Be careful what you wish for, Jenna.

Infamous Toronto mayor Rob Ford was in the house.

The game did not get off to a great start.

The rookie cornerbacks had pretty impressive performances.

Steven Jackson did too.

And also Antone Smith.

Heck, the running backs were pretty great across the board.

Roddy White looked like Roddy White for the first time this season.

And Tony Gonzalez looked like Tony Gonzalez always looks.

Everything is different in Canada, including the pronunciation of Matt Bosher's name.

Another fun thing about Canada is apparently the enjoyment of train whistles during the game.

Levine Toilolo is really tall.

The offensive line wasn't great. At all.

Could this be worse than what they're doing now? I'm seriously asking.

Aim high, y'all.

Is there a petition we can sign or something?

Interesting halftime choice in Toronto.

Um, actually, you probably are going to have to go see Santa before every game. It's only weird if it doesn't work.

The Falcons, at times, looked like the 2012 Falcons yesterday.

Fans were quickly reminded, however, that it was actually the 2013 Falcons on the field.

Matt Ryan had a 17-yard rush. It was glorious, and a little hilarious.

Play was stopped when a fan ran onto the field, and there was only one logical assumption as to who that fan might have been.

Matt Ryan threw a pass intended for the goal post, but it was incomplete.

William Moore didn't have a stellar game, but Robert McClain and Moore were instrumental in sending the game to overtime.


And the Falcons win on Matt Bryant's leg. Again.

Sir, think this through. The Falcons need all of the help they can get.

It sure was fun to see the Falcons win. It's been a while.