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Sean Weatherspoon Injury: Four Falcons Do Not Practice Thursday

With Monday Night Football approaching, the Falcons are trying to get a few players healthy and not get destroyed on the field.

Joe Robbins

The Falcons are literally and figuratively limping toward the end of this season. Injuries galore, y'all.

The good news is that the Falcons are probably getting Thomas DeCoud back. I know that doesn't seem like good news to many of you, but injuries are never pleasant and DeCoud is an improvement over Zeke Motta in coverage. The problem is that there's four other players who aren't practicing today.

Tony Gonzalez is probably still getting his rest in. I refuse to worry about the man until Saturday, because these are the last two games of his career and it's going to take shattered bones to keep him from them. Sean Weatherspoon and that vague but ominous knee injury, and I'm waiting to hear more before I start throwing around my useless brand of irresponsible predicting.

Darius Johnson isn't going to play and Antone Smith is probably 50/50. The Falcons are going to be banged-up in this one, as usual, which means this game could be even uglier than we originally anticipated.

Your thoughts?