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Falcons Injuries: Sean Weatherspoon, Darius Johnson Not Practicing

The Falcons don't play until Monday night, but there are some troubling trend lines on the injury front.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We'll make this quick, because it's not pretty.

Sean Weatherspoon didn't practice today. Whether he's just getting rest or his leg injury is something that may keep him out of Monday night's game, I don't know. We'll know more tomorrow. I suspect he's going to be playing through something if he does go Monday.

Darius Johnson has a high ankle sprain. He's probably either done with his season or will be a shell of himself for the rest of the way. Either outcome isn't great.

Thomas DeCoud didn't get any contact today, but he's out on the practice field as he recovers from the concussion suffered a couple of weeks ago.

The Falcons also gave Tony Gonzalez some rest, which is always a smart idea. Ultimately, they could be without Johnson, 'Spoon and DeCoud for Monday night's game, though the smart money would be on both 'Spoon and DeCoud suiting up.

Thoughts on the injury report?