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Three Pivotal Plays: Football Follies Edition

So many fumbles, so little time.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons won an ugly game against the Redskins last Sunday. It was ugly, due to, or maybe in spite of,  a multitude of turnovers. It's difficult to even understand how a team can force seven turnovers and win by only one point. Of course, the Falcons had their share of boneheaded plays, too.

Both teams were apparently in the holiday spirit and feeling generous, because this was a fumble-fest. Let's look at just a few of the fumbles that contributed to the eventual outcome of Sunday's game.

A few minutes into the second quarter, the Falcons held a 17-7 lead, and had just kicked to the Redskins following a Matt Bryant field goal. The Redskins' offensive series got off to a troubling start for the Falcons' defense. The first down play was a 62-yard completion to Aldrick Robinson that made Robert Alford look foolish.

So the Redskins found themselves with a fresh set of downs deep in Atlanta territory. On first down from the Atlanta 18 yard line, Kirk Cousins handed off to Alfred Morris. There's some defensive shifting as the Falcons prepare for a run.

 photo 21b12381aa1f6be45aba9fba9219a013.jpg photo 0d28c18e59e5e91409138453d529791a.jpg

Morris follows his blockers, but fumbles the ball away. It looks like it would have been a tackle for loss if he hadn't.

 photo 44085f96ba2e1e4b274e53922ceaeecd.jpg

Falcons rookie defensive end Malliciah Goodman recovers.

 photo 004a9f6c3e28ca634d9976db51675e51.jpg

Goodman tries to run for it, but doesn't get far.

 photo 75fc838950d8dd1e5940304ad01a4f60.jpg photo 8e9434029f22af8fa205768284cb6daf.jpg

At any rate, it's a clear fumble and recovery on the Falcons' 37 yard line.

But it doesn't matter much, because the very next play is a Matt Ryan fumble. Ryan takes the snap under center, and has Patrick DiMarco and Steven Jackson in the backfield in the I formation. Tony Gonzalez is lined up to the left, and Roddy White and Harry Douglas are spread to each side. The Redskins are prepared to rush five.

 photo 63f1e151c2003c3aebb375b34e0c4440.jpg

Before the snap, White shifts to the inside and lines up right behind Gonzalez. DeAngelo Hall shifts inside too, to maintain coverage on White.

DiMarco runs a short route to the right, and Jackson steps up as an additional blocker. White and Douglas go deep, and Gonzalez is open short.

 photo 0c769637bdb7bac1e103636614c901ff.jpg

Ryan Schraeder is at right tackle, and he just does not even remotely block Ryan Kerrigan coming off the edge. Not even a little bit.

 photo 803ea0f6b2963153a0e4b96cc8b2554b.jpg photo 61e1342d467cd1aeecc79487fec5c955.jpg

Ryan is sacked, and the ball is out. Brian Orakpo recovers on the Atlanta 27-yard line.

But, that doesn't matter much either, because the Falcons are going to take it right back from the Redskins. Kirk Cousins is in the shotgun, and the Falcons are in the nickel.

 photo 3764c10f19389f30d9873272b13742c8.jpg

Cousins manages to get the pass off to Santana Moss, and it's a 17-yard completion. As Moss is being tackled, it looks like Sean Weatherspoon is the one who actually punches the ball out, and it's a fumble.

 photo 8f22074f1e73e3ecbb0ddad221cc0d05.jpg

William Moore recovers, and it's Falcons ball on the Atlanta nine-yard line.

This wouldn't particularly matter, either. There were many flags thrown, and the Falcons would incur two unnecessary roughness penalties after the fumble recovery, moving them half the distance to the goal.

 photo e62bd2112bcbed84258d341eb4fd2f4c.jpg

On first down, Ryan Schraeder was flagged for a false start, moving the Falcons back to their own two-yard line. They ended up punting, and on the next Redskins series, Kirk Cousins threw a 53-yard touchdown pass to Pierre Garcon, narrowing Atlanta's lead to three points after all of those fumble shenanigans.

Because it's the holiday season, and I'm feeling generous, here's a bonus pivotal play. I'm apparently not the only one feeling generous; Santana Moss must have been feeling generous, also.

Early in the second quarter, the Falcons were forced to punt. Matt Bosher puts the 47 yard punt well inside the Washington 20. Santana Moss, who will be called "Santa Moss" for the remainder of this article, gives the Falcons a real gift as he tries, and just utterly fails, to field the punt.

 photo fb7b4817ab9e8066b57ec43e7a57bc51.jpg

Santa Moss trips on another player, muffs it, and Robert McClain recovers. The Falcons have the ball on the Washington 14 yard line. They ended up settling for a field goal, which wasn't ideal, but those three points were a gift from Santa Moss.

 photo c4de0f0f00c686f731476ba5e5f8df62.jpg

What were your pivotal plays from Sunday's game?