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Thomas DeCoud (Concussion) Improves, Should Play and Frustrate Fans Monday Night

The Falcons expect to replace a struggling Zeke Motta with a perma-struggling Thomas DeCoud after our long time free safety advanced in the concussion protocol.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

DeCoud got concussed just over a week ago when he got trucked by Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy. As is pretty typical for players who suffer from a concussion, DeCoud sat out the next game.

He was replaced with Motta, a seventh-round rookie, who looked predictably awful at the unforgiving free safety spot. I thought Motta projected more as a strong safety but either way, the free safety spot isn't conducive to just tossing in a player and hoping for a good game. Maybe the coaching staff thought the Redskins would come in with a run-heavy game plan, which would play more to Motta's strength of hitting really hard and not having to cover anyone.

Say whatever narrative you want about DeCoud but Motta won't be challenging the veteran for snaps anytime this season.

Mike Smith said DeCoud progressed through the concussion protocol and has gotten the thumbs up for non-contact practice this week. He is fully expected to play against the San Francisco 49ers. DeCoud will be back just in time to frustrate Atlanta fans on a national stage. Expect the secondary to look marginally better than they did against Washington but Vernon Davis should still score at least a dozen touchdowns.