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Falcons-Redskins Post-Game Injury Update: Tony Gonzalez Makes DeAngelo Hall Cry Like a Baby

Fact: Tony Gonzalez curls Lazy Boy recliners

Kevin C. Cox

What a game! The Falcons narrowly eeked out a victory against the turmoil-ridden Redskins. In the process, they stayed relatively healthy, and I'm all for that, especially this late in the season with no playoff implications in sight.

Sean Weatherspoon was the only Falcon to suffer a significant injury. He left the game in the second half. On the sideline, he was pointing at his right leg as trainers were tending to him. His return was deemed questionable, and officially he had a knee injury.

In the game where he eclipsed the 15,000 receiving yards mark, nobody wanted to see Tony Gonzalez get hurt. After he and DeAngelo Hall collided violently in the second half, I thought he'd need a minute. Then Hall walked off the field gingerly, while Gonzalez remained in the game. Like a boss. Good for him, I'm hoping he enjoys every minute of the next two games, taking out overrated, cocky corner backs as he goes.

Your thoughts?