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Falcons - Redskins Recap: Ouch, My Draft Pick

The Falcons force 7 turnovers but barely take home the win. Consider this your post-game thread.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Here we go. We get the ball first! Evidently there's statistical reasoning behind us receiving the ball first, so hooray us.

Thought for sure our drive would still on that 3rd and long, but a nice catch by Hands of Truth keeps it moving.

Run game struggling already. Not a bad front 4 we're facing today, also.

Another long 3rd down conversion. Nice protection so far, but I don't like how long the 3rd downs have been so far.

We pass the ball 5 times in a row, then can't run it more than a yard. SMH offensive line.

Defensive holding keeps a drive alive, and SJax gets his first nice run, and we're in the Dread Zone now.

Nice catch by Gonzo to the 3. Heath Evans talk too much, also.

Good grief! SJax just destroyed Josh Wilson on that TD run! What a fantastic hit! Somebody needs to gif that because that's as bad a truck as I've ever seen.

Falcons 1st Drive: TD - Falcons 7 - Redskins 0

The Redskins let us score just like a team that's struggling. You know, I got Seattle - Giants here in extreme Western NC. I'm 3 hours from Atlanta and like a million hours from New York. The Panthers aren't playing right now, why can I have have the Falcons here? Stupid TV.

Redskins complete their first 3rd down easily. We tried to run a stunt of some sort on our pass rush, was ineffective.

The very next play, Cousins throws a "Help me, God" throw, completed easily for another 1st down.

Spoon with a vicious hit on Cousins. Hit him right in the throwing arm. Ouch.

Osi smacks the ball out on 3rd down and the Falcons have the ball again on the Skins' 35!

Redskins 1st Drive: Fumble - Falcons 7 - Redskins 0

Now, the 2013 Falcons would turn this into one of two things.

1) Nothing

2) Field Goal

Though the Skins have been ultra terrible this year, let's see if we make it a TD.

Hit out of bounds on D. Hall on Gonzo. I thought it might've been a little late, but it's funny, Gonzo didn't get up complaining for a flag.

Nice moving by Gonzo for another TD! He wins the first old man matchup between him and London Fletcher.

Falcons 2nd Drive: TD - Falcons 14 - Redskins 0

If this keeps up, we'll win 80 to 0, which is fine as long as we lose out after this.

Still plenty of game to go, though. Dome looks empty, not that it's surprising. Still, I figure everyone would go to this game, since it's the lone game we had a chance of winning the last half of the season.

Ah, there's the Falcons defense we're familiar with. Alfred Morris breaks off a long run and now the Skins are just outside the Dread Zone.

....ah, there's the Falcons defense we're familiar with, and the Redskins are within 7.

Redskins 2nd Drive: TD - Falcons 14 - Redskins 7

Quizz had a chance to get a bigger gain on that first down but he elected to run into the crowd rather than keep cutting it back. He did his north/south thing though, which is what RBs are taught, so I guess I can't hate.

End of the first quarter here. Score hasn't changed and I literally just posted it so I'm not doing the bold thing.

Interesting to see Darius Johnson blocking on a run play. He's not exactly a big guy but then again, neither are most DBs.

And all the lucky bounces we've missed all season are now going our way. Falcons punt, but Drew Davis secretly trips Santana Moss and we get the ball back because of it, and SJax has taken us to the 1!

Can our OL win the battle? So far, no, and now it's 3rd and goal. Not that I expect our OL to win the battle since ours is one of the worst in the NFL. We have one of the worst OL in the NFL.

And we fail on 3rd down, so 1st and goal from the 1 nets a field goal. That's sad, no matter which team you play for.

Falcons 3rd Drive: FG - Falcons 17 - Redskins 7

Anyone taking bets on whether or not the Skins will score a TD here? $5 on the Redskins. Just kidding, I don't have 5 dollars.

Actually, take that back. $15 on the Redskins. (Just kidding, I don't have that either) That was holy craptastical coverage on all accounts. Moore never ran hard, Alford waited until the WR was past him to run hard. Do they teach that garbage now? DBs are taught to read fly first and then go from there.

Okay, so two straight fumbles way, three straight fumbles? Anybody put money on that? You'd be a bzillionaire right now, probably.

Redskins 3rd Drive: 3 fumbles in a row - Falcons 17 - Redskins 7

Now we're on our own 2. And with this OL, we might not get out. Nope,  nice blitz anticipation by Dirk Koetter gets Gonzo on a nice, easy route that is open.

Man, our run blocking is terrible.

And then Matty (fumbles the ball forward) throws an "incomplete pass" and the drive stalls.

Falcons 4th Drive: Punt - Falcons 17 - Redskins 7

This game has been rough to watch. Just when you think the Falcons are doing something, they completely fail to do something.

And then we give up a long touchdown. Looks like Motta wasn't sure what to do on that play. Spoon and McClain blitz the same gap and both get taken out of the play.

Redskins 4th Drive: TD - Falcons 17 - Redskins 14

Eesh, we're playing like stupid dumb now.

More stupid dumb. OPI on Roddy. 1st down incompletion. This drive is likely over, especially now that a garbage WR screen goes nowhere.

You know, there aren't many words to describe this game. We come firing out of the gates, and now it looks like we'll be, at best, tied at halftime. Completely unfathomable.

Falcons 5th Drive: Punt - Falcons 17 - Redskins 14

The D continues to look lost out there. Skins are down to the 30 after several big plays. High Top Jop got held so it's 1st and a mile for the Skins now. Unfortunately, I'm not expecting a stop.

Yep, first play is 10 yards. 200 yards this quarter for the Skins. Good grief.

And the 2nd down play nets 15 yards. Easy first down for the Skins.

The Skins manage to stop themselves and now the game is tied.

Redskins 5th Drive: FG - Falcons 17 - Redskins 17

AND they get the ball back at halftime. Who gets more possessions again, Smitty? Not us.

Falcons 6th Drive: INT

Looks like Matty had to throw a little awkwardly due to a huge person being way up in the air in his face.

Thankfully, this is some of the worst clock management I've ever seen, so it's unlikely the Redskins will go up by more than 3.

The field goal is good, sooooo your halftime score:

Halftime: Falcons 17 - Redskins 20

First Redskins drive amounts to nothing, surprisingly. Good coverage downfield, solid D overall.

Redskins 6th Drive: Punt - Falcons 17 - Redskins 20

So our first play from scrimmage is a slant pass to our fullback. And our second one is a face mask on the RB. Two plays you never see.

Now it's 2nd an a mile, nice screen to Quizz followed by the first 3rd down completion since the first quarter, if I'm not mistaken.

DPI on London Fletcher. Talk about a model of consistency, London Fletcher has been a solid LB for a long, long time. I dunno if he'll be a Hall of Fame guy but he's a good one. Been around forever.

Here comes Express again. If it has to do with the snap count, it seems silly to yell that and give it away. I think it has something to do with the routes being run, Express meaning the hot route goes short (Express being "fast" in this instance).

Nice third down conversion by Gonzo, pulling the old "Alge Crumpler Fall Down" trick. Now we're in the Dread Zone.

We get down to the 1 by a nice Gonzo effort, then we get an offsides that moves the ball about 6 inches.

And then SJax is stopped on what I'd call a questionable offensive playcall.

Falcons 7th Drive: Nothing - Falcons 17 - Redskins 20

William Moore with the INT down to the 1!

Redskins 8th Drive: INT - Falcons 17 - Redskins 20

And then SJax says he won't be denied again! TD Falcons!

Falcons 8th Drive: TD - Falcons 24 - Redskins 20

It's sad to say, but if the Skins hadn't turned the ball over so much, we'd probably be losing.

Stephen Nicholas sighting! Nice to see him back on the field getting some reps.

I can't tell if Joplo Bartu hasn't slept in a year or what, but he had some serious bags under his eyes. Eesh

Nice stop by Osi sniffing out the screen and the Skins will punt. And McClain has some issues.

Redskins 9th Drive: Punt - Falcons 24 - Redskins 20

Quizz takes a couple of solid carries to start the drive. Then HD picks up a mugging....I mean, defensive holding penalty. Automatic first down.

Finally a Snelling sighting, then a clipping penalty...which looked pretty weak to me. That makes 1st and 25, so the drive is over. Nothing on 1st down all but confirms it.

Falcons 9th Drive: Punt - Falcons 24 - Redskins 20

No, Kay Jewelers, every kiss begins with "E".

The D has really started to lock the Skins down, as they've forced another 3 and out.

Redskins 10th Drive: Punt - Falcons 24 - Redskins 20

Ooh, SJax tough a rough shot to the knee. Glad to see him bounce back.

More poor play all around nets another 3 and out.

Falcons 10th Drive: Punt - Falcons 24 - Redskins 20

Looks like Spoon is hurt again. Ugh.

Still a chance we could lose this game, which is both exciting and depressing. Exciting because hooray, my draft pick. Depressing because ouch, my draft pick. Actually it'd be nice to see us win, but we took care of that "Wish we could win" in Canada.

Hey look, another fumble by the driving Redskins!

Redskins 11th Drive: Fumble - Falcons 24 - Redskins 20

So we get the ball back. Will we do anything with it? Well, yes, we have to snap the ball a few times.

Hey look, a first down by HD!

That screen to SJax was a WTF play (What the Falcons). What in the world was that?

Aaaaand another punt. Woohoo!

Falcons 11th Drive: Punt - Falcons 24 - Redskins 20

Just in time for a (draft-pick saving) drive for the Redskins!

Nevermind, they gave it back!

Redskins 12th Drive: INT - Falcons 24 - Redskins 20

I said to myself "Watch, we'll get a field goal from this" And now Matt Bryant lines up for a field goal, which of course he makes.

Falcons 12th Drive : FG - Falcons 27 - Redskins 20

So we're at the 2 minute warning. Watch, we'll stop them and win the game, and it'll be the only stop we get for the next two years because the football gods will claim we've "used up our stops".

Heath Evans, it is not "Massakwoy". "Massakwah", son. To be fair, it looks like "kwoy", but no excuses if someone can say "Tuiasosopo" correctly.

So they've bedazzled their way to the dread zone. And now the 3 yard line. Will we stop them? Find out on the next episode of Dragonball Z.

And they've scored a TD.

Folks, we have forced 7 turnovers...and are about to head to overtime, barring a 2010 Matt Ryan.

Redskins 13th Drive: TD...

Wait a minute, they're going for 2...why? Why would you do that?

So the Skins have given us the game.

Falcons 27 - Redskins 26

Onside kick attempt fails, so we're going to win the game. There's your final score.

Consider this your post-game thread.