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Falcons vs. Redskins: No Matchups, Just A Game Ahead

Why even bother with the matchups, I say?

Patrick McDermott

The NFL season is the shortest of all of the biggest American professional sports. It's just 16 games and four months, which means eight months of the year are spent pining for it. When a season goes awry, that stretch can still feel unbearably long.

This is the low-point of the entire season for the Falcons. A win against the Redskins harms draft position and will still feel deeply unsatisfying, because the Redskins are a raging tire fire at the moment. A loss helps draft position, but it also will deeply embarrassing because of the aforementioned inferno of vulcanized rubber.

So there's no outcome that will leave everyone happy, and the matchups just aren't worth chronicling. Instead, let's just talk about this game, your expectations and the best possible outcome in your mind. There's three games left before we go into the long, cold winter of no football, so let's squeeze it for all it's worth.