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5 Redskins Questions With Hogs Haven

Five hard-hitting questions with a Washington Redskins blogger who may or may not have wept while responding.

Larry French

We asked five questions of Hogs Haven's Kevin Ewoldt. His sad answers follow.

Dave Choate: Obviously the big news right now is Mike Shanahan trying to get himself fir...err, Robert Griffin being benched. What's your thought regarding the move, and where does this leave the 'Skins for the rest of 2013?

Kevin Ewoldt: I think ESPN's Andrew Brandt nailed it in his most recent column: "I do not think this is a move by Shanahan to get himself fired; I think this is a move to try to put a player in his place because Shanahan perceives him as (1) becoming bigger than he should and (2) not playing well. To me, this decision speaks to a demotion of Griffin for both on-field and off-field reasons rather than an admission of error in playing him last January and rushing him back for a subpar 2013 season."

The rest of 2013 will be a sh*t show. It was clear vs the Chiefs the Skins had packed it in. So many missed tackles, dropped balls, and special teams gaffes. This Falcons game will be an ugly one. If I make the trip down is it safe to wear a DeAngelo Hall jersey?

Editor's Note: You are better off wearing the jersey of almost anyone else.

Dave Choate: The Falcons have struggled to stop the run. You guys run the ball extremely well. Do you expect the Redskins to lean heavily on the ground game in this one, or are they going to give Cousins plenty of chances to take his shots?

Kevin Ewoldt: Well, last week the Redskins rushed for 65 yards on 17 carries, none too impressive. It couldn't have been the snow since the Chiefs had 192 yards rushing. I would argue the Skins D struggles against the run more than the Falcons. Most opponents stack the box vs the Skins, which results in one of three things: poorly thrown balls by RGIII, perfectly thrown balls dropped by WRs/TEs, or the OLine doing their best matador impression. I imagine Cousins will run that Jake Plummer style offense in Denver. Bootlegs, misdirections, and passes over the middle.

Dave Choate: There's a widespread feeling that this Redskins defense is pretty terrible. Is that remotely accurate? Where are the problem areas that a team like the Falcons should attack?

Kevin Ewoldt: It's not a feeling, it's a truth. The Skins D leads the league in missed tackles and have been disappointing in making big stops. Last year they gave up a lot of yards, but they were forcing turnovers. Not so much this year.

Dave Choate: Who's the under-the-radar standout on offense? On defense? We need to know so the Falcons can not gameplan for them.

Kevin Ewoldt: Offense: Rookie TE Jordan Reed, but unfortunately he's been out a couple weeks with a concussion. When Reed plays, he's been unstoppable flashing the total package of speed, hands, and blocking.
Defense: No one. :-(

Dave Choate: Prediction for the game, the season and what your 2014 might look like?

Kevin Ewoldt: The Redskins are 1-5 on the road and given all the distractions, I don't see how they show up prepared. Atlanta 27, Redskins 13. 2014 I think will be an 8-8 type season. An off-season where RGIII can focus on football and mechanics will do wonders as will erasing this season completely. The Redskins have playmakers, so like the Eagles and Chiefs this year, there is hope.