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Tony Gonzalez Injury: Veteran Tight End Practices Again

The Hall of Fame tight end is on track to play in one of the last games of his storied career.

Kevin C. Cox

Tony Gonzalez is on the field and practicing. That's what you need to know first, because it's possible that these are the last three games of Gonzalez's career. It's still a joy to watch the man practice his craft.

From there, the news is less rosy:

Neither of these guys are particularly likely to suit up. Smith's injury removes that home-run element from the offense—I know, I know, for one carry—and DeCoud's absence means the Falcons will lean heavily on Zeke Motta. Not the worst thing in the world and perhaps even the right thing, but the Falcons will be pretty thin at safety this week.

The rest of the report will land later, but barring an aggravation, I expect everyone to go. Even Roddy White.