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Falcons vs. Redskins: Which Washington Player Would You Take?

If you had your choice of Redskins, who would you steal?

Larry French

It's back! We want to know which Washington Redskin you want on the Falcons, if you were given a choice between all of the players on that currently woeful team. As is typical in the NFL, even teams having a disastrous seasons have rosters studded with talent.

Here's a few options. Share your choice in the comments.

Robert Griffin III

Take away the overblown questions about his attitude and you've got one hell of a quarterback, someone who can extend plays with his legs but remains a quality pocket passer. I don't know if you'd trade Matt Ryan for him, but as a young, cost-controlled quarterback with production and potential, he could do well in Atlanta.

Alfred Morris

Simply one of the better runners in the game today. He's not a great pass catcher, so he's limited there, but he can make hay despite a middling offensive line. He'd be a nice fit behind an improved unit in 2014, one would think.

Pierre Garcon

Sounds like a Disney name for a French waiter, but he's a quality receiver.

Ryan Kerrigan

Useful pass rusher who is still young and can be an asset against the run.

Brian Orakpo

Still a deadly pass rusher and a playmaker despite some consistency issues. This defense needs more playmakers.

DeAngelo Hall


Who would you take?