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Dirk Koetter Loses Out on Boise State Job, Likely To Stay In Atlanta

The Falcons' offensive coordinator seems likely to hang around.


It seemed likely that Dirk Koetter was headed to Boise State as recently as a few hours ago, but those things have a way of changing quickly. As Jason Kirk and Jeanna Thomas wrote, Koetter didn't get the Boise State job, which means he's still in Atlanta.

It's always possible Koetter gets a head coaching gig at another college or in the NFL, but it's not likely. While a highly-regarded offensive mind, Koetter doesn't have the profile of guys like Gary Kubiak and (possibly) Jason Garrett, who are likely to be available when the coaching carousel spins this off-season. The likeliest thing is that he remains in Atlanta as the offensive coordinator.

I know a number of you don't believe Koetter's the right guy to lead this offense, and I'm not going to wage a lengthy campaign to change your minds. I'll just note that the Falcons rank 6th in the NFL in passing yards and 13th in total yardage despite having a bottom five offensive line, and that Koetter piloted a very capable offense just a year ago when the line was a bit better and injuries hadn't piled up.

Does he have his limitations? I'd say he can be awfully stubborn about leaning on a ground game that has achieved little success and that he hasn't schemed as effectively as he could for the limitations the offense is facing, but I still think he's a very solid coordinator. Assuming the Falcons don't just clean house in the off-season, Koetter will have his job in 2014.

Your thoughts?