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Potential replacements if Dirk Koetter heads to Boise State

Koetter could be on his way to the Mountain West Conference. Who could the Falcons bring in to replace him?

Sean Gardner


The Atlanta Falcons entered the search for a new offensive coordinator two years ago. With the recent news of Dirk Koetter interviewing for the head coaching job at Boise State, the franchise might be in a similar position in the coming weeks IS HAPPY WITH DIRK YEP.


Koetter was the head coach for the Broncos from 1998-2000. The interest is clearly there to reclaim that title, as Koetter has already interviewed for the job. Now reports say he was impressive enough to receive a second interview with the school yesterday.

Keeping that news in mind, it's time to start thinking about potential replacements for the Falcons offensive coordinator. Koetter brought new life to the offense after Mike Mularkey killed it, buried it, dug it up again and shot it one more time. There's a good chance we'll see another face calling the shots in 2014. Let's talk about a few names who could take the job in Atlanta.

Joe Lombardi

He's been the Saints quarterbacks coach since 2009. It's time to move up in the ranks of the NFL. Lombardi already has the prestigious lineage, and after years of tutelage under Sean Payton, surely he'd bring a young mind with a dynamic philosophy.

Another plus? He actually has ties to Atlanta. Lombardi was a defensive assistant with the Falcons in 2006. His expertise resides with the other side of the ball, though, and it would be a smart move to steal him away from New Orleans. Matt Ryan would benefit immediately.

Gary Kubiak

Here's a name you'll see mentioned often. Kubiak has been a part of three Super Bowl teams. Take a look at the numbers from the Broncos offense when he was in Denver. His time ran out as the head coach in Houston, but he took a young franchise to its first playoff appearance and developed a winning atmosphere with the Texans.

Kubiak would bring a zone blocking scheme to the Falcons, which I think would benefit the personnel they're working with. Is he willing to step back from being a head coach? Maybe not, but he should absolutely be one of the coaches they reach out to.

Bill Lazor

You may not be familiar with the name, but the fans in Philadelphia are. Lazor joined the Eagles as the quarterbacks coach in 2013, and he's been impressive with Nick Foles in Chip Kelly's offense.

Lazor was an assistant during the Dan Reeves era with the Falcons. At 41, he has a decent amount of NFL experience. He was the offensive coordinator for the Virginia Cavaliers from 2010-2012, and he fostered instant improvement with what limited talent he had to work with.

Jon Gruden and Kevin Sumlin


But seriously, I'd be OK with Sumlin as the offensive coordinator. His background doesn't include any NFL experience, though, and given the last two signings, I'd expect Atlanta to target someone with those credentials.

Dave opened up the offensive coordinator discussion yesterday, but let's keep in going. Any thoughts on these coaches/others you'd like to see in the mix?