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The Top Falcon: Corey Peters Puts In Work

Highlighting one of the best Falcons of the last month or so.

Kevin C. Cox

Three-and-ten. It sucks.

That doesn't mean every Falcon sucks, though. Corey Peters is a good example of a Falcon who does not suck. With a mandate to pick a Falcon to highlight for today's post, Peters was the logical choice. He's a man who flies under the radar but consistently does great work.

Despite the weird fascination some fans have with dismissing his output, Peters has been excellent this season. He's rolled up four sacks, 41 tackles and a pass deflection while proving to be a force for good against the run. Peters is regularly running wild in the backfield for these Falcons, and he's just 25 years old. The Falcons haven't given us a ton to celebrate this year outside of the rookies, so it's important to acknowledge Peters' work in the trenches.

Expect to see Corey Peters back in red and black when 2014 rolls around, as he's got the best blend of production and youth among any of the Falcons' free agent defensive tackles. We salute you, Corey Peters, top falcon.