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Falcons-Bills Recap: Overtime Victory

The Falcons pull a fast one by forcing two timely fumbles and move to 3-9.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

(Consider this your post-game thread.)

Forgot I had to do this, so it's already Falcons 0 - Bills 7.

It's already not good, Matty's been sacked twice already. He was actually just sacked for the second time, so here comes Bosher's second punt. Aaaaand, the cameraman made it look bad but that was actually a solid punt.

So the Bills get the ball back now, and the Falcons have looked as bad as they could possibly look. This is one of two winnable games left on the schedule, the other being the Fighting RG3s in a couple weeks.

Falcons 2nd Drive: Punt - Falcons 0 - Bills 7

-5 Total Yards for the Falcons so far compared to 80something for the Bills.

First play from scrimmage, EJ Manuel is down thanks to Spoon. Good call, Spoon. Knock out their quarterback. That'll help us! (I don't condone this). Man, Manuel took Spoon's helmet right to his stomach. I bet he feels like he's dying right now. Hopefully he's okay.

While they're tending to Manuel, that gives me a moment to say just how stupid that rule is. I get it (obviously, because Manuel was hurt by it) but Manuel is moving to Spoon's left, and Spoon can't possibly make a good form tackle against a mobile guy like that without getting the helmet in there somewhere. If Manuel isn't moving, that's a good, fundamental tackle with the shoulder. Poor defensive players.

This is why quarterbacks (and any not-bulky player) should wear rib protectors. Parents, look into this.

IN ANY CASE, we gave them a free 15 extra yards. Man, their OL is dominating our DL already. 7 yards on first down? Sheesh. 2nd and 3, another Fred Jackson run stopped.

3rd down, Robert McClain is chasing Stevie Johnson, easy completion.

Seriously every team we've faced makes this look so easy. Why is it not that easy for us EVER?

Better first down stop this time, second down not quite as good. Wish our run game was this good, now a 3rd and 1. I expect the Bills to go for it on 4th if necessary.

Easy completion to Stevie Johnson again, even with McClain dragging on him.

1st and goal now, the run is snuffed out nicely by the D (I can't type and watch and it's annoying. Need some commentary help, FOX). 2nd down, Manuel slides, thus showing quarterbacks not named Matt Ryan are actually mortals.

Of course Robert McClain was holding on that play, also. Free 1st and goal from the 4.

So the Bills...the Bills, people, just pushed us around on 1st down.



Bills Second Drive: TD - Falcons 0 - Bills 14

So we have spotted the Bills 14 points without a turnover.

Oh, and we 3 and out'd from the 50. Lord, help us.

So the Falcons get the ball back, and they don't get it at halftime, by the way, and we're down 14 already. It's been 10 minutes of game time.

If Dominique Davis comes in at halftime, and we run the offense well, do we put Matty on IR? Not because DD is better, but because we don't want him to die?

Anywho, Matt Ryan finally throws a pass. Gonzalez extends his streak of 10,000 games in a row with a catch.

Matt Ryan finally throws another pass, and we get a roughing the passer penalty. Great, now Matt's definitely dead. Oh man, that hit looked bad.

Next first down, nobody blocks the guy on the right. Herp derpery abound.

2nd and 12 now. We're on the 38, HD somehow makes a weird, twisty catch, almost gets the first.

The dreaded 3rd and 1. Will we run the ball? Will we make it?

Turns out, we scored! Nobody was behind the line of scrimmage and we actually made a hole for Steven Jackson. That was sweet! One of Buffalo's safeties totally failed right at the hole, though I wouldn't want to tackle #39 either.

Falcons Third Drive: TD - Falcons 7 - Bills 14

Bills get the ball at the 20 and immediately run for 9. Our DL needs some help and honestly, I don't know that Clowney would solve our run D. I feel like a mammoth DT would do that better, taking up two linemen. Louis Nix III anybody?

Second 1st down, a lame snap makes for a loss of 5. I'll take it. 2nd down, Asante lays a good hit on Robert Woods, short gain. 3rd and 9 now. We blitz, but a crappy pass combined with a nice play from Trufant stops the drive.

Bills Third Drive: Punt - Falcons 7 - Bills 14

I like McClain as a return guy. I don't like the rest of the team right now, except on that last drive. They earned a temporary blessing.

Now the Falcons are looking like the dink and dunk masters of 2010. Except we only lost 3 times that year. We've had triple the losing action already this year. But that's alright. Falcons fan until I die. And if I happen to die, but get revived...still a Falcons fan.

And it's the end of the first quarter.

End of 1st Quarter, Falcons Driving: Falcons 7 - Bills 14

Man, that first down run looked rough.

Schrader is in the game now at right tackle. Good grief.

SJax looking pretty good right now, he came off the field and grimaced. That's not good. He shakes his head like he's fine. Hopefully.

Rodgers up the middle on 2nd and 4. He can't break those arm tackles like a big back can. 3rd and 2, Snells is in the game. We elect not to give him the ball, but throw it to Roddy White, who fell down. Good decision by Matt to throw it there, but fail footing stops the drive.

Falcons Fourth Drive: Punt - Falcons 7 - Bills 14

First Bills play, we drop Peria Jerry into coverage, who then whiffs on a tackle. Do any other teams do this? We blitzed Asante from 5 miles away which was useless. Do DCs do this to set up things later? I don't know.

Three plays, two first downs. Bills on our half of the green already.

Another first down on a slant. That was good coverage/tackle though. Can't really help that. Good throw and catch there.

1st and 10 from the 35. Fred Jackson just stiff armed Osi and Babs on the same play.

Another first down. Another play Babs can't make a sack. Thankfully, Spiller stepped out of bounds.

2nd and 10, Asante makes a fail effort at a tackle. Which is fine, he isn't paid for tackling. Also Spiller has 7 carries for 110 yards. I refer to my Star Trek gif from before.

Bills in the Dread Zone now, thankfully the Falcons cure all ails. 3rd and 9 from the 11.5, tough spot to be in for the Bills.

Good protection for the Bills, but (what I thought was DPI) good coverage by McClain forces the field goal.

Bills Fourth Drive: FG -  Falcons 7 - Bills 17

So DiMarco fielded the kickoff and steamrolled his way to the 30. I was amused.

You ever notice how much shorter these games would be if they didn't do commercials after every kick? It's pretty sad.

Kickoff, commercial, punt, commercial, touchdown, PAT, commercial, kickoff, commercial, punt, commercial.

And I'm going into this industry.

First down, Darius Johnson gets lead a little bit too far and can't make the catch. Matty, he's not 6'3".

Nice catch by Toilolo there. Thought that was Gonzo, and that's encouraging for multiple reasons.

SJax looks fresh. He's hitting the hole quickly and changing directions quickly. 1st down run for 4. I'll take it.

Really interesting play call on 2nd down. Only picked up 3, but that was because of really good defense. Or rather, that was because Roddy didn't run his route worth a crap. Gotta sell it, Roddy!

3rd and 3, Matty throws another "Over everyone's head" pass to Roddy, but it looks like it's coming back. Nope, it's Illegal Hands on the guy standing right next to the ref.

Next play, Antone Smith scores! Can we use this guy more yet?

Falcons Fifth Drive: TD - Falcons 14 - Bills 17

Hey look, the Falcons D is playing worth a darn now. Babs actually finishes a play! 3rd and 15 now.

Wow, Bills fans have to be mad. 3 guys were blocking Peria Jerry on that screen and he still made a tackle.

Now we get the ball back!

Bills Fifth Drive: Punt - Falcons 14 - Bills 17

First play, Matty almost gets killed and throws a surprisingly accurate "GOD SAVE ME" air ball.

2nd down, looked like maybe a defensive holding or something, but no call. Two passes in a row, imagine that, no gain. 3rd down now, Roddy gets open across the middle and now we're making it look easy. Guess my prayers were answered.

Next 1st down, Matty throws it to literally nobody and we're at the 2 minute warning. Man, Falcons games always go by so fast.

On the playing side of the 2 minute warning now, Quizz gets that weird Hot Potato Pass and sheds an LB tackle. That's right, Bills, our rookie LB is better. Gain of 11.

Next 1st down, Matty says "HERE DARIUS, CATCH!" but throws it to the chain guy. 1:17 left now.

Aaaand Matty gets sacked for the third time. Not good, we're in "Maybe-not-field-goal-range"

We stop the clock with 30 seconds left, I'm expecting a draw here on 3rd and forever. Runs the clock out, maybe gets us 5-6 yards and a reasonable field goal chance. It'd be 57 from here.

No draw, but a quick pass to Roddy gets it to the 32 or so. Remember, Falcons don't get the ball back after halftime.

Here comes Money Matt Bryant from about 45. Very makeable for him, officially it's 49 from right in the middle.

Aaaaand it's...good, as expected.

So we go to halftime, and we're tied! Anyone expect that after going down 14-0? Not me.

Halftime: Falcons 17 - Bills 17

They're having a party with The Beach Boys at halftime. Except the Beach Boys are all like 85. I bet they're lip syncing.

Bills get the ball, as previously said. First down, not much there for Spiller. The Falcons have 84 yards rushing. That's new. 2nd down, Spoon makes a nice tackle in the open field and on 3rd down Spoon makes another good play! 3 and out for the Falcons defense.

McClain with a dangerous catch but hey, we're going in the right direction.

Bills Sixth Drive: Punt - Falcons 17 - Bills 17

SJax with a nice first down run, but it's coming back. Holding, herpery derpery derp lineman, 10 yard penalty, derp.

So 1st and 20 says "3 and out" to me, but whatevs. Here we go! Antone Smith gets another touch, and he picks up 5 or 6. He's a fast one, that Antone.

2nd and a manageable 14 now, Matty back to pass, throws it to nobody instead of being sacked. Turns out, another illegal hands penalty gives us a free first down. Thanks refs! You're on our side for once.

New 1st down from our own 46, SJax gets to the 50.

2nd and 6, SJax gets met at the line and gets nothing. 3rd and 6 now, Quizz in the game. Nice catch by Roddy (after a push off) but hey, I'll take it! Actually, that wasn't much of a push off.

Speed offense gets a quick 6 to HD, now 2nd and 4. We're out for blood now, for once in my Falcon fanhood. SJax gets only 1 or 2 on 2nd down.

3rd and 3 now. What was that? HD the pinball scores a TD after he was surely stopped. Ronde Barber I think just called HD a dirty player. That was a strange statement

TD doesn't stand, so now it's 1st and an inch. SJax is stopped short, so now it's 2nd and goal from the 1.

I don't like this, but we'll see.

Next play, Matty falls down. Suddenly we're looking at 3 instead of 7. 3rd and Goal now. I say we go for it on 4th because YOLO.

Holy Bad News Birds, a false start. Now it's 3rd and Goal from the 11. Poor HD.

A TD for Gonzo! Matty threw it right in the hands of 88 and it was a great catch. And the Falcons have the lead, which is something I thought I'd never say again after a halftime.

Falcons Seventh Drive: TD - Falcons 24 - Bills 17

I feel Clowney slipping away from us now. But that's okay. I'm not totally sold on him right now.

Falcons doing their best "Prevent" impression. Easy first down for the Bills

No turnovers in this game so far (See how I waited for us to be on defense for this).

I can't tell if Canada is a Falcons fan or a Bills fan. But we stopped them again on defense. What is this feeling? Is this what winning feels like? It must be, because I haven't felt this hopeful in a long time.

Bills Seventh Drive: Punt - Falcons 24 - Bills 17

I bet Bills fans are feeling the ultimate sadness right now. SJax runs over Hawley to get 5. He's looked good today. 2nd and 5, and we lose the football.

I'm not even going to say it.

Falcons Eighth Drive: Fumble - Falcons 24 - Bills 17



Bills Eighth Drive: World's Easiest TD - Falcons 24 - Bills 24

That last TD happened as I was typing "Falcons Eighth Drive" so I'm not even going to bother describing the herp derpa tackling McDerpery.

Star Trek guy comes back for a second time because that is the amount of face palm required for tonight. We worked so hard to get the lead, and now we've hit Oofus McDoofus level again.

First down, nothing. Second down, nothing.

The "Here we go again" feeling is back. Back to Clowney.

Matt Vick makes an appearance for a first down! He's only been hit/sack/hurry/etc about 45 times this game. Good for him.

Quizz takes the new 1st down 9 yards. Nice gain. Trueblood back in the game at RT now. Weird shuffling there. Quizz gets a 1st down and now we're rumbling again.

Roddy White gets a catch for about 5. He's looked great today, I'd almost call him "back" in terms of him being him. SJax only gets about 2 on 2nd down. 3rd and 3, Matt makes a bad throw and HD can't handle it.

Falcons Ninth Drive: Punt - Falcons 24 - Bills 24

What are the fans screaming about? Are they excited for a punt? Oh, just a fan on the field. Send SJax after him!

Bills try for a deep ball on 1st down, but it's a bit overthrown. Looked like Manuel might be sacked there. Lot of faith in their OL to have a deep ball on their own 2.

2nd and 10 now. Spiller gets about 2, now it's 3rd and long. Bills go deep again and maybe Alford gets away with a defensive holding or DPI. Little bit of hand fighting but nothing really to that.

McClain fields the punt at the 50.

Bills Ninth Drive: Punt - Falcons 24 - Bills 24

Best Falcons chance to score at this point. I said that when we started the game at the 50, but we failed there. So here we go for this time.

Quick slant to HD. Matty has really grown to trust HD lately. It's nice to see.

End of 3rd Quarter, Falcons Driving - Falcons 24 - Bills 24

Matty gets a pass batted down and then SJax picks up the first down.

Matty sure does like the Express play. Bills DL is really swatting our passes. Matty, quit that.

SJax with another nice run on 2nd down. Gives us a manageable 3rd down. Here comes Express again. And Express gets us sacked, and the drive fails.

Falcons Tenth Drive: Punt - Falcons 24 - Bills 24

Seems like nobody wants to win this game. Bosher punts to the 13.

1st down, Spiller gets a few yards. 2nd down, Robert Woods gets totally destroyed by William Moore, so Moore'll get a fine, a penalty, and it amounts to a 205 yard gain for the Bills.

And the tie is broken. There's the Falcons we all know and love!

Bills Tenth Drive: World's Second Easiest TD - Falcons 24 - Bills 31

We have the ball, and we have done nothing on first and second down. So here comes a 3 and out, barring a miracle.

And we throw a 7 yard route on 3rd and 10. Good call, coach.

Falcons Eleventh Drive: Punt - Falcons 24 - Bills 31

I had to go downstairs so I missed the next drive by each team, so we pick it up with the Bills 12th drive. Looks like both teams punted.

Falcons 24 - Bills 31

Sounds like Antone Smith missed an easy TD catch. Oh well, it happens.

Bills are at 3rd and 13 in their own end zone, practically. Need a stop here, we're winning field position. Delay of Game puts the Bills back even farther.

RB checkdown almost gets a 1st, stopped nicely by Spoon, who high-fives Arthur Blank on the way over.

Nice punt by the Bills. McClain had a return to the left, but went right. Lame.

Bills Twelfth Drive: Punt - Falcons 24 - Bills 31

Haven't seen a Matty comeback in a while. Sure would be nice to see one here.

And of course, a sack on first down. Matty is only completing 59% of his passes. Thought he was doing better than that today. I guess not.

Nice 2nd down throw to Gonzo. And then a nice 3rd down throw to Gonzo. Lamar Holmes made his man fall down on that play and then fell on him. That works.

Falcons going away from the run game here. I don't know if I like it, but there aren't many better than #2 at throwing the ball late in games.

Roddy White gets open and now we're down to the 30. His guy fell down and there was nobody else out there.

1st and 10 at the 28. Uh oh, it's Express again. Incomplete over the middle to HD. Express lets us down again. Darn you, Express.

2nd and 10, Roddy with another catch. I think we're going to get an Offsides call here on the Bills LDE. Yep. I'll take the free 5 yards.

2nd and 5 now. Another missed pass to HD over the middle. I'm thinking this is 4 down territory.

Another flag? Wow, a late, late, late flag on the defense, but it's a free first down and the Zebras are carrying us down the field now. They must've gotten the wrong number there.

WOW, the shoetops catch by Hands of Truth! He picks up about 15 to get inside the 10. What an amazing catch, and we're down to the 2 minute warning. Should we play for OT? I think we need to slam SJax a few times to get the Bills to burn some timeouts.

1st and goal, Matty wisely throws it away. Everyone looked covered, but I don't like the call. Need to burn some clock. EJ Manuel has a game winning drive and they'll only need a field goal.

Now 2nd and goal, Matt throws a touchdown to the cross bar.

3rd and goal, a draw to SJax. Would've liked to have seen that on 2nd down. But hey, I'm just a blog writer.

And HD gets a illegal hands call. 15 yard penalty might be the seal on the deal.

But the Zebras save us again! DPI in the end zone gives us 1st and goal at the 1. We might have a tie here folks. Ronde saying it should've been a no call, but I dunno about that.

1st and G here we go. SJax scores! Lot of time left for the Bills though. 90 seconds is enough time for any pro, and this is the Falcons D we're talking about.

Falcons Thirteenth Drive: Thanks Refs, TD - Falcons 31 - Bills 31

Bills get the ball around the 25. First down goes nowhere, and they're taking way too much time now.

Robert Alford makes a nice play on the ball on 2nd down. 3rd and 10 now, and suddenly the Falcons might have another chance at it.

And as soon as I say that, we have a total failure. Now the Bills are 20 yards away from winning the game. 40 seconds and the Falcons D? No problem.

Fred Jackson takes it to the Falcons 45. 2nd and 2 now. Jackson may not have gotten the first down there. Bills use their 2nd timeout, and it's 3rd and 1. I expect the Falcons to give up the first down here.

Stevie Johnson embarrassed the defense again but he coughed up the rock! And we have it!

Maybe we do have a chance at it now. McClain's sins are forgiven for now. He punched the ball out and gave us a chance.

Bills Thirteenth Drive: Fumble - Falcons 31 - Bills 31

Falcons go nowhere, so we're going to Overtime.

End of Regulation: Falcons 31 - Bills 31

Falcons lose the toss and lose the ball. A TD means they win. The D has stopped them well enough to this point, just need one more stop.

The Bills fumble again! Then Alford pulls his best Ed Reed and laterals the ball to Trufant, who takes it past the 50!

Bills First OT Drive: Fumble

So here we go. First down is a 4 yard run by SJax. Just need a handful of yards to win the game now.

2nd down, HD picks up 20 yards on a screen.

Now we're smelling victory. SJax runs it twice for a total of about 6 yards. Bills will go ahead and ice Bryant without letting them line up.

So here we go. A game which we probably have no business winning, we have a chance to win.

Money Matt Bryant, for the win...and it's good!

Falcons win!

I don't even need to write anymore, except "Nooooo, our draft pick!"

Final Score: Falcons 34 - Bills 31

I welcome ALL of your "TL;DR" "comments below. And consider this the post game thread.