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Forgetful Richard Sherman Does Not See Roddy White as a Challenge

The Seahawks secondary is held down by imposing cornerback Richard Sherman. He is considered a top cornerback by many football analysts, and more importantly, Richard Sherman. He has previously questioned whether Tom Brady was mad, bro, and has generally never seen a microphone without lambasting another player or elevating himself.

Oddly both Roddy White and Richard Sherman have something to say.
Oddly both Roddy White and Richard Sherman have something to say.

Which leads us this week.  Roddy White looks to be <a href="" >finally healthy and playing</a> which led to someone ask Sherman he had an opinion on this news.

I suppose Sherman is a player you may love to hate or hate to love.  Or if you are me, you just hate him.  The typical Atlanta fan would think: "Didn't Roddy White torch Richard Sherman in the playoffs last year, highlighted by a 47 yard touchdown?"

Maybe Sherman is just supremely confident in his abilities.  Maybe he is suffering from memory loss from a concussion he hid and has no idea White lit him up on the way to the NFC Championship game.  All I know is Sherman made a few great plays in that game but also failed to lock down White.  This looks to be the most-watched matchup for the game, assuming Sherman is able to remember where he left his car keys and is able to catch the plane to Atlanta.

Sherman reminds me of DeAngelo Hall, just with more talent.  Hall proclaimed the only wide receiver who ever burned him was Randy Moss, ignoring the fact he was burned for a touchdown by 85 year-old Joey Galloway the previous season.  It was just one of many times Hall had been burned that he immediately forgot about.

The barbs have been traded back and forth between Sherman and White.  Sprouting forth is an odd 2,500 mile distance rivalry.  White suggests Sherman talked his way to his All-Pro selection.  Sherman said White is a product of his system.  (Ed.- Can Mike Mularkey's offense be considered a system?  Other than a system of misusing players and refusing to make adjustments, of course.)

Sherman downplayed this rivalry, suggesting Atlanta's poor record means Seattle isn't concerned about Sunday's game.  Sure, Atlanta isn't winning any Super Bowls this year but the 2013 Seahawks have not been the 2012 Seahawks.  Their once elite defense is getting run on without resistance and their top secondary has given up five touchdowns to wide receivers the past four weeks.  Oh, and they let a winless Tampa Bay team to lead 21-0 at home.

Lets hope White truly is fully healthy for Sunday and can make this non-rivalry rivalry much more interesting as I expect White to be targeted early and often against Sherman.