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Meet Your Newest Falcoholic Writer: An Introduction from @FalconsM5

If you felt like reading about football then perhaps I could interest you in reading about someone who writes about football. After many grueling months of initiations, physical challenges and giving loans I'm not sure I'm getting back, the Falcoholics have finally allowed me to join their esteemed ranks. Yup, I'm newest Falcoholic blogger. Hopefully I end up a better addition than Ray Edwards.

Not pictured: the new Falcoholic writer
Not pictured: the new Falcoholic writer

I spent the past 18 months at the Grits Blitz Blog, contributing everything from a breakdown of Sam Baker's contract to a discussion of the Atlanta Falcon's BBQ and mac-and-cheese training camp sandwich. You might also know me as the person who live-tweeted Falcons games on the Grits Blitz Blog's twitter account. The rest of the time I live-tweet my thoughts at @FalconsM5.

Before that I operated and contributed to FalconsBlog. Those previous blogs were either sold or are closing up, so hopefully Dave Choate knows knows of the trail of destruction I leave in the blogosphere.

Born and somewhat-raised in Atlanta I graduated from Georgia State then left the state for even more school. Before moving away from Atlanta I was a season ticket holder. Who has two thumbs and went to every Bobby Petrino home game? This guy. Luckily I still hit the road to catch the Falcons play. A few years back I braved the harsh Ohio weather and harsher Cleveland fans to watch an Atlanta win. More recent games in Indianapolis and Charlotte felt like home games in comparison.

I'm excited to join the staff at the Falcoholic and look forward to writing much more about the Falcons and much less about myself.