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Roddy White Injury: Receiver Says "I'll Be Ready To Play" Against Seahawks

The Falcons' best receiving option is on his way back.


If you're looking for Roddy White to play this weekend, the arrow is definitely pointing up.

There's wiggle room here in case Roddy's not actually close enough to 100%, but the Falcons want him back on the field and they need him back on the field to contend weekly. By all accounts, this isn't the same White who was incredibly limited earlier on in the season. His hamstring issues is better and that damned ankle sprain seems to be more or less healed up. Roddy's said he could have played a week ago, but didn't want to push it.

The Falcons need to get Matt Ryan back on track and would very much like to beat a tough Seahawks team, so a healthy Roddy White would make a huge difference. I won't be absolutely certain until I see him step out on the field Sunday, but it sounds like Roddy's going to play.

Meanwhile, this is happening:

If Roddy's looking likely, it's impossible to know what to make of Peters' situation. He appears to have dodged a significant injury, but even without a limp it's clear he's going to have to make some progress before he can go out on the field. Hopefully we'll know a bit more tomorrow.

Your thoughts on injuries?

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