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Which Seattle Seahawk Would You Want On The Falcons?

You can only pick one, you greedy people.

Otto Greule Jr

The Seattle Seahawks are one of the league's model franchises at the moment. They've built up a strong, deep team that should be in contention for a Super Bowl this year. It's probably fair to suggest there's no shortage of players from this team we would like to have on the Falcons.

I'm asking you to pick one. Here's a small sample of quality Seahawks the Falcons might want.

Marshawn Lynch

One of the game's hardest-running backs. Lynch has a violent style and is picking up gobs of yardage with a so-so line in front of him. The major concern with Lynch over the long haul is his health—there's a reason the Seahawks have invested two picks in Robert Turbin and Christine Michael, young backs I'd also like to see on the Falcons—but in the short-term he's one of the most dangerous runners in football.

Seriously, though, the Falcons should try to get Turbin this off-season.

Chris Clemons/Cliff Avril/Michael Bennett

Any of these guys would serve as an upgrade to the Falcons' pass rush. Combine them all into one Chliffael Clerinnett and you've got yourself one hell of a player, too.

Bruce Irvin

A young, extraordinarily dangerous linebacker who can rush the passer and projects as a long-term asset in coverage. The Falcons could get younger and better at linebacker, certainly, so Irvin's a strong pick.

Bobby Wagner

A tackling machine of a middle linebacker who would be an upgrade on Akeem Dent. Sometimes it's just that simple.

Richard Sherman

You want swagger and attitude? Nobody brings that like Sherman, who also happens to be one of the best cornerbacks working in the game today. The Falcons have a lot of promise at the position, but I wouldn't mind adding Sherman.

Earl Thomas

My pick. Thomas is lethal, one of the best free safeties in the game and young enough to be a defensive building block. He has two forced fumbles, 71 tackles (!) and four picks in 2013. I can't think of a single other position where you could pluck a player off the Seahawks and come up with such a drastic upgrade.

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