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Matt Ryan Knows He Must Improve, Doesn't Defer Blame For Poor Play

Fact: Matt Ryan like to hunt, only he doesn't use guns, he uses mind bullets (that's telekinesis)

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Ryan doesn't defer responsibility, he takes it. He doesn't spread the blame, he owns it. When His Iciness messes up, he roundhouse kicks himself in the face. Hard.

In short, Matt embodies every character trait a franchise quarterback ought to embody. His latest feat? Complaining about his own recently poor play.

“I think I have tried to force in a couple of passes that I shouldn’t have [and] I’ve got to clean up my decision-making a little bit.”

“I’ve got to pull my weight,” he said. “That’s the way I see it. I’ve got to pull my weight within this locker room and within this team. I think I’m lucky to be surrounded by guys that feel the same way. I think everybody can take a good look in the mirror and figure out that we all need to play a little bit better. I’m certainly no different from that perspective.”

Dang. Did he really just do that?! No he didn't! Yes he did!

All kidding aside, I'm proud of Matt. He's showing some real maturity here, admitting that he has room to improve, shouldering his fair share of the blame. Notwithstanding the past two games, he's had a pretty good year. With the current offensive line and the most effective parts of his arsenal sidelined by injury, Ryan has carried this team for the most part. And now, when things aren't going well, he only looks at himself.

Your thoughts?