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Roddy White Injury: Back on the Practice Field, Roddy Hopes For Week 10 Return

The Falcons may be getting one of the best receivers in team history back.

Kevin C. Cox

Roddy White's story in 2013 has been a bitterly disappointing one. The man who could own every major receiving record for the Falcons at the end of his career tried to gut it out through a high ankle sprain, couldn't make it work and wound up with a hamstring issue for his troubles. He missed the first couple of games of his career and had to watch while the offense largely floundered without him and Julio Jones.

So you can't blame the guy for wanting to get back on the field, and it appears we're edging closer to that happening:

I, for one, couldn't be more psyched to see Roddy on the same field as Richard Sherman again. Those two get along about as well as dry grass and a brush fire. Having Roddy back would also make Matt Ryan's life a hell of a lot easier, something that clearly is a need after a brutal two-game stretch for the franchise quarterback.

In further good news, Sean Weatherspoon is back to practicing and hopes to be back after Week 11, ready to make an impact and take some pressure off the young guys at linebacker. Things are looking up, albeit too late to do much about that whole "going to the playoffs" thing.

One omen: Corey Peters was not out there practicing:

Let's hope he's ready to go for Sunday. If not, it'll be Jonathan Babineaux, Peria Jerry and Travian Robertson's first meaningful snap count of the year.

Thoughts on these improving Falcons?

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