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Falcons of the Week: Desmond Trufant, Robert Alford and Asante Samuel

The Atlanta Falcons' rookie cornerback tandem did well against the Carolina Panthers.

Kevin C. Cox

If the Falcons are going to come out of 2013 with one triumph, it's going to be the way their two young cornerbacks have developed.

Hiccups aside, it's hard not to pick these two as teammates of the week, and to pick them for another quality week against the Seahawks. They each had a pick against the Panthers and looked sharp in coverage, with only penalties marring Trufant's day. The Seahawks are a terrific football team, but they don't have the elite talent at wide receiver necessary to wreak havoc on the Falcons' three corners.

Asante Samuel's the third, of course. He forced a fumble, made a bunch of tackles and looked pretty good in coverage as well. This could be Samuel's last year in Atlanta, but now that he's (mostly) healthy he's making these games count.

Congratulations to our three teammates of the week. Who would be yours?

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