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At 2-6, How Do The Falcons Handle The Rest of the Season?

The Atlanta Falcons sit at 2-6. Now what?

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons are now 2-6. This is not where any of us wanted or expected them to be, but it's reality.

The question now is how the Falcons handle the rest of the season. They're not completely delusional at Flowery Branch, which means they're well aware the Falcons are now all but out of the playoff picture. They want to try to win football games, but they also want these young guys to develop and they certainly don't want to ruin Matt Ryan forever. They've got to figure out what combination of players gives them a chance to win games while still forging ahead.

Knowing that, how do you think the Falcons handle the rest of the season? What moves do they make to shake up the lineup, if any? Or is the status quo maintained?

Weigh in.

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